Summary: Jesus first miraculous sign whereby, He thus revealed His Glory!

John 2:1-11. Jesus changes water into wine:

Key verse: v11 He thus revealed His Glory

Here we have the 1st of the miraculous miracles of Jesus, the changing of water into wine, at a wedding in Cana. It was the third day from his time with Nathanial. His family had been invited to a wedding a celebration of two lives under God becoming one. This miracle seems to have been done quietly in the midst of a wedding celebration even with some reticence maybe (4). Yet in obedience to his mother, Jesus performs the 1st of His miracles. Unlike other miracles this one ( feeding of 5,000) was done discreetly only his mother, the servants and his disciples were aware fully that Jesus was behind the miracle.

I can imagine if it was not recorded down for us, it would have gone by unnoticed. For many on that wedding day it went unnoticed, with all the celebrations, especially as the best wine came out at the end , the guests were already inebriated (10), the majority were not concerned where the wine had come from ( like the Master of ceremonies (10) “but can you give me a top up” .

But for others who say drink more modestly the questions begin to be asked, “Who is this that changes water into wine?” This miracle was their first glimpse of His Divine Glory of the person and the work of Jesus of Nazareth. (11) He thus revealed His Glory! (His Divine identity) as a result the disciples put their faith in Him v11.

• Have You seen His Glory (Jhn1:14,2:11) have you experienced his glory in your life? Have you received the gift of faith to believe in Him like these early disciples?

Application: Isn’t that so true today with the miracle of salvation that Jesus brings forth in the hearts & lives of individuals today, changing them from guilty sinners ( the party is over, wine is gone) to glorious saints ( the new wine, has come) is often done discreetly, goes unnoticed by the majority around You, who are enjoying themselves, inebriated by the world. Yet others notice Him too and like his mother Mary aware of a problem and so ask of him for help (3) others are prepared to carry out his commands and serve him like the servants (7-8) others like the Master of ceremonies are left with questions ( the best wine is normally first?) and others like these disciples see His Glory & put their faith in Him (11).

• Visit the wedding at Cana together, and unearth more of His Divine Glory!

1. How we reveal His Glory in Christian character and Christian marriage

Lets mingle with the crowd, absorb the atmosphere, it’s a time of Joy & celebration, which Jesus embraces (He’s not a religious kill joy) he doesn’t stay away he’s invited and the wine is flowing, there’s music & dancing, food in abundance, laughter and good conversation. Notice Jesus isn’t turning over the tables, he’s present, enjoying himself, involved in the celebration, probably reclined at one of the tables with his friends the food and drink with good conversation.

• Important Note: (Wine in Judaism was associated with Joy and God’s blessedness Psalm 104:15, Prv 3:10, Matt 26:29.) not drunkenness.

a) As Christians we can and should be enjoying ourselves in the Lord ( Christianity is not a cause for dry sombre faces and separation from everything in the world, it’s not a cause for self imposed legalistic frameworks of what you can and cannot do, it all about grace which we have received, the truth which has set us free and the Joy we have found in the Lord. (One of the fruits of the Spirit is Joy) This Joy should be reflected outward in our Character, it’s not manufactured its naturally there through the Holy Spirit whom we are sealed with (Eph 1:13). Our lives should be filled with blessed Joy in all its fullness (LIFE!)) because of all that He has done for us, as a result are lives are to resound to the praise to the praise of His Glory Eph 1:12 .

b) Secondly our Christian marriages are to be those which displays the glory of God, for marriage is not ordained by any man, establishment or government (deciding what can and cannot be called marriage) or the Church (Catholic) but by God Himself. Jesus recognises and celebrates this marriage of two becoming one in flesh, a mystical union before God, for He said, (Matt 19:6 therefore let what God has joined together let no man separate) Marriage is to be honoured by all (Heb 13:4 Marriage is honourable estate among all).

c) Thirdly Jesus Christ was he at the centre of your wedding? More importantly is Jesus Christ still at the centre of your marriage? The presence of Christ and the blessing of Christ at your wedding and in your marriage is essential one, without Christ it will always full short and fail to prosper and also if he is later ignored in our marriages (In the Nitty Gritty of life together) we will also fall short and fail to prosper, keep Christ in the centre of your marriages. (Pray together – share together – serve together - stay together).

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