Summary: Revelation Chapter 20

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20:1-2Who is going to remove Satan from the earth?

The angel of God’s power. Note that the angel comes directly out of heaven, from God’s presence.

Remember "angel" (aggelon) means messenger. Some messenger from heaven is going to remove Satan from this earth.

Some scholars believe this messenger is Jesus Christ. Note that He has "the keys of hell and death" (Rev.l: 18).

They believe that Christ would never give those keys to anyone else.

Whatever the case, the messenger holds two things in his hands:

~ The key to the bottomless pit: this means that he has the power to cast Satan into the abyss, away from the earth.

~ A great chain: this means that he has the power to bind Satan and to keep him from tempting and leading

People into sin and ungodliness.

Think what this means. There is a power great enough to remove Satan and all the evil and sin from this earth. That power is in heaven, the very power of God Himself.

Romans 16:20

20:2 who is Satan? His names tell us.

1. He is the dragon: the spiritual power that stirs up the fiery, cruel, and brutal passions of people and governments, that causes people and governments to behave like beasts and to ravage and destroy people and property. Rev 12: 19 /Rev 20: 2

2. He is that old serpent: the spiritual power that deceives, seduces and beguiles people; that leads people into sin and evil; that leads people to disobey, ignore, and neglect God.

2 Cor.11: 3 /2 Cor.ll: 13-15

3.He is the devil: the spiritual power that slanders, lies, and murders by leading people to lie and murder. John 8:44 / 1 Peter 5:8

4. He is Satan: the spiritual power that accuses, opposes, and stands as an enemy to God and His followers.

Matthew 4; 10 / John 13:27 / Acts 26:18 /Romans 16:20

20:2: How long will Satan be removed?

The time is clearly stated: for one thousand years.

This means a most wonderful thing: there is a period of history coming when there will be no more ungodliness and evil running wild upon earth.

This is the period of history that is known as the Millennium, the period when the Lord Jesus Christ will come o rule and reign upon this earth as Sovereign Lord. Scripture says the time will be one thousand years.

Think how glorious this will be:

ð No more war or killing will exist.

ð No more assaults or abuse or crimes will go unpunished.

ð No more hunger or homelessness or unemployment will exist.

ð No more laziness or lethargy or unconcern will be allowed.

ð No more drug pushing or enslavement to drunkenness will be tolerated.

20:3 Where is Satan to be placed for the thousand years?

In the bottomless pit - Isaiah 24: 21-22

Why is Satan to be bound and removed?

The reason is clearly stated: so that he cannot deceive people and nations any more.

Right now, sin looks good, tastes good, and feels good.

Think about the things that look good, feel good, and taste good:

Food clothes houses

Sex possessions stimulation of the flesh

Honor popularity position

Recognition comfort power

Vehicles pleasure money

None of these are wrong. They are necessary to life.

But the passion and lusting after these things are wrong.

Scripture says that Satan and his evil spirits are the ones who arouse these passions to lust within us.

Satan is the evil force and power that arouses us...

ð . To lust after more and more food.

ð . To lust after another person.

ð . To lust after power over others.

ð . To lust after more and more pleasure and possessions.

ð . To lust after more and more position and money.

This is the reason Jesus Christ is going to remove Satan:

He, the Son of God, wants man to have the privilege of living the perfect society on this earth and to do so while the earth is in its present created form.

1. Satan will be bound and removed from earth. Luke 10:18 /Rev 20:2-3

2. There is going to be a change in the earth. Roman 8: 21-23/ Isaiah 35: 1-2

3.There is going to be a change in the animal kingdom. ls.11: 6-9

4. There is going to be a change in the aging, sicknesses, and diseases of the body.

Is 35: 5-6

5. There will be plenty upon earth. Joel 2: 26-27 / Joel 3: 18

6. There will be peace on earth. Isaiah 19: 23-25

7. There will be a change in government. Rev 11:15 / Zech 14:8-9

8. There will be righteousness and morality and godliness on earth. Is 2: 2-4

20:3 Will Satan ever be released again?

Scripture says, yes, for a little season

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