Summary: Study of the Book of Revelation

Revelation Part 24

Revelation 13:13-18


A few weeks ago, we left off in Revelation discussing the beast that will rise from the Earth, the power that will be given unto him to lead people astray, and even how his counterfeit reproduction of the resurrection of Jesus Christ will play out for all to see (rising from a fatal head wound).

This morning, we conclude in Chapter 13 with a few clear cut verses about the agenda of this person who God gives total control too. At the end of our service today we will have the Lord’s Supper, so I want you to think this morning about celebrating the Lord’s Supper, what it means to you, how special it is, and imagine for a moment there will be a time when this sacred act will be outlawed in this world – because a ruler has come to seek and destroy all that belongs to God.

Read Revelation 13:13-18


Point 1 – Satanic Signs & Wonders (v13-14)

He performs great signs….The false prophet does the signs as a means of deception. Signs are not limited to God’s kingdom alone. God allows Satan to also perform signs as a way of testing people.

How amazed would you be if one could call fire down from the Heavens? Admit it … that would be a pretty neat trick. This man has power to create signs and wonders to fool those who are left on this Earth into believing him. We are a people who DEMAND signs, we DEMAND proof, and I want to tell you that the devil knows this.

When we demand a sign from God to prove His existence, there are two things going on. The first is that (and most dangerously): We are testing God to show Himself. How dare we?!? We are telling God that unless he shows us something we will not believe what we hear with our ears -- OR WHAT THAT SPIRIT SAYS!

The second is that the devil knows that we “need” to have proof – he knows that we demand “signs” to prove claims are real – so he will use that against us. Think for a moment of the extraordinary efforts that science has put out to discredit God, to discredit creation, and to discredit the things which are considered “holy”. The devil is counting on this doubting on our behalf!

With that in mind, how tough would it be to get people to believe in this false Christ?

It wouldn’t, as a matter of fact – it is already being done today. Note the amount of “successful” religions (Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.) that seek to take away the deity of Jesus Christ in this world. The anti-Christ’s power will be given by God to do what he wants to do – and fooling us will be his easiest task.

Ref: Ex 20 -- One of the first acts of Satan is to immediately have the first 3 of 10 commandments broken – there is no god but God, do not make an image, do not worship an image. Satan has succeeded in breaking the first three commandments – think of the authority he must have been given by God! Think of the absolute hatred he must have for God to do this so publicly!

Point 2 – The Image of the Beast (v15)

The image created by men of the Beast seemingly comes to life. This Satanic miracle is allowed to take place by God. Man is being tested by this part of the strong delusion that God is allowing to fall on those who refuse to believe the “Truth”. The “Image” of the Beast comes to life and further validates the identity of the “Beast”. Those who know the scriptures will have a clear choice today – to accept it or to turn away and go into hiding.

This is why it is SO important for us to spread the Gospel! We must know the truth, we must be involved in the truth, and we must NOT sit back and wait for someone else to do it! God has called you to do it – and failure to help spread the Word is your disobedience. In order for others to know what the Word of God says they have to be told! This is the duty of the church, period.

In this time, a hunt across the entire world ensues to kill all those who fail to worship the image of the beast. Just as God knows where you are, the devil is given complete control to seek those who are in hiding out … if you think today you can hide from God, think for a moment about hiding from a hunter who is specialized and trained in killing and destruction!

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