Summary: Study of the Book of Revelation

Revelation, Part 27

Reference: Revelation 14:12-16


Last time we opened the Book of Revelation, we examined the three angels who would provide us with a specific, terrifying warning of things about to be unleashed on this Earth – including being treated to a look at the Lake of Fire in which Satan, the false prophet, and the Antichrist would be tormented in (along with their followers) for all eternity.

This evening, we look even deeper to this time and learn about REAPING!

We have assurance Saints – and this assurance that we have ought to bring us complete and total comfort in the eyes of this world’s tribulation. It is important to know what you believe, and in turn be confident of this believe – else your service to God will be weak and without a solid foundation.

Tonight, I hope to strengthen your foundation with God’s word.


Point 1 – Assurance of the Saints (v 12-13)

Those who are going through this time in history need to have patience, and they need to be aware that they are being hunted at the same time. God is faithful to provide for those who love Him (as we discussed this morning – Malachi 3:10, Psalm 37:25), and without this knowledge that we will be safe it is futile to attempt to do it on our own.

Those who say they are followers of Jesus are being hunted and killed left and right. These killings will be glorified on CNN and in this world of depravity and sickness, the citizens who are followers of Satan will rejoice in their defeat.

But note here, that God’s word says the dead are blessed!

Even to this very moment, God and His angels are encouraging the believer on, encouraging them to be faithful, and to focus on Jesus Christ for all eternity.

Challenge: Where is your focus tonight? Is it 100% on Jesus? Or 80%? Or 50%? Trust me when I say that God knows where your focus is, so don’t lie to Him and tell Him that it is what it isn’t – be honest and if you need to tune in more, then be obedient to that leading of the Spirit.

Those going through such terrible trials and torment are being rewarded for their faithfulness – they are being encouraged from the balconies of heaven – and the same exists today. We are encouraged through the Holy Spirit – but those going through the Tribulation still have the Holy Spirit – but they will be blinded to it.

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

This passage discusses a man of lawlessness being held back until a later time. Interpreting the restrainer of evil (2:6) as the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit at work through the body of Christ during the current age supports the pre-tribulation interpretation.

Since "the lawless one" (the beast or Antichrist) cannot be revealed until the Restrainer (the Holy Spirit) is taken away (2:7-8), the tribulation cannot occur until the church is removed.

However, even with this – God promises that there will be rest in Heaven!

Ephesians 2:8-9 talks about how we are saved (not by works), and it is important to remember that through this belief we have assurance of rest when we receive our eternal reward, provided we choose to follow Jesus in this life. (Expound …)

Read Hebrews 4:6-10 -- Amplifies this rest in heaven.

Now, let me show you something that just sends my blood into a complete and joyous over-boil. This, more than anything, fires me up to think of being able to see this happen with my own eyes one day.

Point 2 – Jesus reaps the Harvest! (v 14-16)

Research from on the importance of clouds in the Bible:

- The Lord appears in a cloud to lead Israel by day and in a column of fire at night in Sinai (Exo. 13:21)

- When the Temple was built the “Glory of the Lord” filled the Temple in the form of a cloud. (I Kings 8:10)

- A cloud is used to picture the blotting out of the sins of Israel. (Isaiah 42:22)

- The “Son of Man” is pictured coming on the clouds of heaven in Daniel (Daniel 7:13)

- The Father’s voice came out of a cloud admonishing the disciples to hear the Son. (Matthew 17:5)

- Jesus promises to come with the clouds in power and great glory. (Luke 21:27)

- Jesus was taken up in cloud and will return in a cloud. (Acts 1:9)

Jesus refers to Himself as the Son of Man all-throughout scripture, and tonight we need to confess into our own lives that Jesus is the Son of Man – He is the Messiah promised from the Old Testaments – and without Him we are nothing.

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