Summary: God’s Glory is Connected to Your Giving

It is terrible and tragic to have access to your blessing yet you are blocked by your curse. For it is true that countless individuals who call themselves Christians live a seemingly picture perfect existence that appears to be marked by blessings, joys, serendipities, pleasures, and grace gifts; but in reality—from God’s perspective, the Word’s promise, and eternity’s point of view, they are stifled, held back, and handcuffed by the misery of their curse.

Recently I read a story told of a man who stole an enormous amount of money but was captured by the authorities in the process of the robbery. He didn’t have the money with him, so in their question and query they asked him where he had hid the money. However, it turned out that the man spoke another language, so they had to send for an interpreter. When the interpreter came, the authorities said, ‘Ask him where he hid the money.’

The interpreter asked the thief the question in his own language and the thief replied.

The authorities asked ‘What did he say?’

The interpreter replied ‘He’s not telling!’

The authorities insisted shouting, ‘Tell him we want to know where the money is, and we want to know now!’.

The interpreter repeated the question to the thief and got the same reply ‘He said he’s not telling!’

The chief head of the authorities thought he would try to scare the thief into telling, so he said to the interpreter, ‘Tell him that if he doesn’t tell us where the money is, we are going to kill his family, and blow out his brains!’

The interpreter repeated the threat to the thief who became frightened and told the interpreter step by step exactly where he could fine the money.

The authorities listened to the conversation and then asked the interpreter, ‘Well…what did he say?’

To which the interpreter replied, ‘He said he isn’t going to tell you anything.’

Eventually, in exasperation, the authorities convicted the thief while the interpreter found the money and became and inheritor of great wealth.

When I read that story about the authorities, the interpreter, and the thief I thought about the fact that MOST of us would look upon that interpreter with disgust, disdain, and revulsion. However, I’ve that we do the very same to God every day of our lives.

I also thought about that fact that the very thing that stands between the authority of the believer and the wealth of God is out faulty interpretation of the Holy Word of God and our thief and robber’s mentality. And it is through that thievish mentality and faulty interpretation that robs the believer of possessing the wealth and blessing of God in our lives. Why? Because we have settled for selling ourselves short, blocked our blessing, and are content with our curse.

What I am suggesting, in a real sense, is that when it comes to the issue of money and stewardship and giving and increase—our interpretations and motives often become mixed up by human limitations, spiritual short-sightedness and ultimately a lack of faith to take God at His Word. Wherein we develop and construct a Satanic ideology in our brain that says that all of our money and everything that we possess is for the sole purpose for our ungodly motives, selfish gain, and fleshly/carnal ambitions. But according to the biblical order of God, God blesses those who do it HIS way, and He curses the one who refuses to follow His plan, flow in His purpose, and walk in their inheritance.

It is terrible and tragic to have access to your blessing yet you are blocked by your curse. And there are countless people who call themselves Christians—who come to church Sunday after Sunday, looking and smelling good—who have settled for selling themselves short, blocked their own blessing, and are content with continually living with their curse.

• Making a living but because of your disobedience the curse is forbidding you to make a LIFE.

• Living and dressing and driving good but you one day find yourself a day late and a dollar short with your STUFF—because you have refused to honor the Lord with your ALL.

• You have a good job and live in a nice home but can’t make ends meet because the Lord has cursed your 90 for the continual refusal of your faith to give Him the 10 that He asks for—even though He’d be justified in asking for it all.

And I’ve just come to push, encourage, exhort somebody that your tomorrow can be brighter than your yesterday, your destiny can be greater than your history, your dreams can be fonder than your memories—if you let God speak to your heart today—and do it HIS way.

The curse can be reversed

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Lachrisha Porcher

commented on Dec 13, 2007

Pastor Pullam, I truly enjoy ALL of your sermons. They are always a learning experience and everytime I pray for revelation on a particular subject, God somehow always leads me to your page. I pray that God continues to use you and bless you.

Kraig Pullam

commented on Feb 23, 2014

Many blessings to you. I do pray that you and your ministry continue to touch and bless others in the kingdom of Christ!

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