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Summary: The need of Revival in this present day

Our need in this present day for REVIVAL

The priority of God’s presence has been lost in the modern church. We are like bakeries that are open, but have no bread. And we are not interested in selling bread. We just like to the chit-chat that goes around cold ovens and empty shelves.

There is much more of God available than we even can imagine.

I say often here at Central we have just started to tap into what God has for us and wants to do through us.

I am afraid if we are not careful we will become so satisfied with where we are and what we have that we will not press in for all God has for us.

It is true that God is moving among us and working in our lives, but we can not be content to comb the carpet for crumbs as opposed to having the abundant loaves of hot bread God has prepared for each of us in the ovens of heaven.

The signs are still up and we take people into our churches and show them the ovens where we used to bake the bread. The ovens are still in the same place, but all you can find is crumbs from last year’s revival.

We are constantly toying with the thoughts and ideals of Revival, what does it mean, how can we experience it? Who can we bring in to set the fire, to stoke the coals to get us excited once again about servicing the Lord and living daily in His presence?

We must understand that revival is not just a word that means we are having a guest speaker or special singers

It is and must be our longing and desire to be revived in our hearts, our souls and yes our minds for a daily experience of God’s presence

We must have a heart that truly burns when we know God is near

We must seek Revival in our personal lives and then

LISTEN….God can and will

Revive the Church and the community in which we live

It will spill out of our overflowing souls onto the pews and floors of this Sanctuary

No one will be able to deny the very presence of God in this place

We will not be preoccupied with the day nor the hour

We will be overwhelmed as we receive God in this place

And there is more

When we become Gods Revived children

And God’s Revived Church-On fire for the Lord

Gathering around the spiritual hot coals of a consecrated life for the Lord

Placing the dry wood of commitment, devotion and true love for Jesus on our spiritual fire.

Then and only then will we experience what we have only imagined God could do.


A REVIVAL will happen

The very presence of God will pour out on the sidewalks and roadways of this community, calling the unsaved into His house to receive the fresh bread only He can make available.

A REVIVAL will not be a word spoken about a church service but a new refreshed beginning, a walk with God you never thought possible

We can be Revived, Refreshed, Renewed and yes we can experience a relationship, a closeness with God almighty that has always seemed to only occupy the pages of His Holy Word.

God is REAL and He wants us to Become His people and Seek His face and Receive all He has for each one of us as His precious children.

Are WE ready to allow God to move in our lives, in the life of this Church?

Are WE ready to step out of our comfort zones?

Are we ready to lay aside the preoccupations that keep us from completely coming into His presence?

Do WE long for our hearts, our lives to be revived?

Psalm 85:6 says, Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

This Scripture tells us that our desire to pray for revival pleases God

This is a heart cry of one who wants to see a move of God

So powerful and penetrating that the people could again rejoice about His work among them.

WE MUST Rejoice in our hearts knowing

No matter the situation we find ourselves in....

We Rejoice Because of our FAITH and the hope we have through our relationship with Jesus Christ

We rejoice because we know THAT OUR GOD WILL

comfort us, embrace us, love us and see us through no matter the circumstances

In our heart of hearts as God’s children and as a God’s Church








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