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Summary: Get Your Joy Groove Back On

Revival of Joy

(Get your joy groove back on)

Bishop David Ibeleme

Joy and Happiness

Happiness is primarily a carnal manifestation.

It is based on happenings.

Happenings lead to happiness.

When good things happen people are happy however when bad things happen they become sad.

Joy on the other hand is a feature of the spirit.

It is a fruit of the recreated human spirit and is not dependent on physical or carnal happenings - Gal. 5:22.

Once there is no joy other things will fall apart and poverty will set in, not vice-versa - Joel 1:12.

Happiness on the other hand disappears when things are bad.

Joy - An Expression of Faith.

Joy is linked to faith, you cannot be in faith and be sad - 1 Pet. 1:3-9.

This is why the appropriate response is to count it all joy when our faith is tried - Jam. 1:2ff.

Faith and Patience will not work to manifest our deliverance unless we operate in joy.

Joy is God’s will for you - Ps. 100.

You cannot serve or please God without joy or with sadness.

The ultimate aim of satan is to ensure you have no joy - Joel 1:12

You cannot function effectively without joy - Prov. 12:25; 15:13; 17:22

God wants you to get your "joy groove" back on.

He wants you to get back to the place of joy - Phil. 4:4.

Things to Consider:

1) Your salvation is connected to joy - Lk. 15:10; Is. 35:10; 51:11ff.

2) Even when you sin after you are saved, the restoration of your fellowship with God is linked to joy - Ps. 51:12.

3) Your strength as a believer is tied to your joy - Neh. 8:10.

4) You cannot grow as a believer without joy - Is. 12:3.

The only way you can draw water out of the wells of salvation is by operating in joy.

This is really a manifestation or an expression of your faith.

You cannot grow as a believer when you are frustrated - Acts 20:24.

5) Your prayer is tied to or connected to your joy - Jn. 16:23ff; Ps. 16:11.

6) We face trials successfully by operating in joy - Jam. 1:2ff.

7) Jesus" ministry was primarily designed to bring us joy - Is. 61:1-3.

8) The ministry of the Holy Spirit or the manifestation of the Spirit is primarily designed for our joy - Rom. 14:17; 8:24ff; 1 Thess. 5:16ff.

When we are not joyful it grieves the Holy Spirit.

This is because it gives the impression that He is not fulfilling His role in our lives - Rom. 8.

9) The end point or the ultimate aim of every word of God to you is joy - Jer.15:16; Jn. 15:11; 1 Jn. 1:4.

God speaks to us so we can be joyful.

When God’s word is lacking the resultant effect is sadness - Neh. 8:10.

10) Your blessing is tied to your joy - Ps. 89:15.

11) God will only appear to you in the place of your joy - Ps. 66:5.

His delivering power can only be actively accessed by you when you adopt a joy stance.

Remember your joy is an expression of your faith therefore you cannot access God’s blessing unless you start out in the place of joy.

Hannah’s countenance changed before she got pregnant not after - 1 Sam. 1:18.

If you change your countenance things will happen positively for you and you will eventually be happy.

The fullness of joy always produces happiness.

Like Paul you can "think yourself happy" irrespective of what you¡¦re going through - Acts 26:1ff.

Get your "joy groove" back on;

"for the Lord in the midst of you is mighty" - Zeph. 3:14.

Step out in faith and rejoice, don’t be moved by the circumstances around you - Hab. 3:17ff.

Shout for joy and see the salvation of your God - Ps. 56:9ff; Rom. 8:35ff.

Make up your mind that nothing can steal your joy.

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