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Summary: So how do you have revival first stir up the fire. Begin praying and asking the Lord to forgives us for allowing the fire to die down.

REVIVAL (Part 1) Psalms 85:6

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

You know tonight many Christians are living a life of defeat. They are beat down and discouraged. They have lost their joy in the Lord. Why? Because they have turned their backs on God. They have let the fires of their heart for Jesus die to an ember.

People say they want revival but you begin a revival people want attend. If the revival goes more than three days people want come. Why? Because they have forgotten their first love.

People tonight I want to tell you people think for a revival to be successful there must be souls saved. I am here to tell you that revival is not for the lost it is for the Christians endanger of losing their salvation. Revival is meant to revive a fire that is already burning. Sinners do not have a fire for Jesus that can be revived.

You can’t bring life back to something that never had life to begin with. Until a soul meets Jesus there is no life in it. Soul winning is what happens when a church is on fire for God it is what happens after the revival. Many people will say to day we need a great revival and they are very right. We do need a great revival a revival that will stir up the fire in the heart of the Christian world. A revival that will bring dead churches back to life.

Too many people though will wait till the night a revival begins to start praying. They wait for some preacher or singing group to bring the revival. The revival comes from God and it is up to the Christians to pray it down. It is up to the Christians to begin the praying long before the revival starts.

So how do you have revival first stir up the fire. Begin praying and asking the Lord to forgives us for allowing the fire to die down. Ask God to have mercy on us and allow us to feel his burning presence. I going to tell you that you can’t come to church with your cup empty and get it filled up during the service. Filling up your cup is a process it takes hours of prayer and fasting.

You want to have revival get your self prayed up. Get your cup full, throw some wood on the fire before you get to church. And when you get the fire burning and your full. Rejoice praise God worship him with all your heart mind and body. If you want to bring the joy back into the church then worship God when you come to church. Lift up Holy hands and give praise the God of all creation.

You can have favor with God tonight all you have to do is repent of your sins call on his name and he will restore you to his glory. You can have your healing if you will believe and obey the will of God. Jesus said why call me Lord Lord and do not the things I say. You will not an answer from God until you obey his will.

You want revival tonight when was the last time you spent an hour alone with God? When was the last time you truly thanked God for the gifts he has given you. I know myself I don’t give enough to God. I fail to pray long enough I fail to do for the Lord I see the Lord’s work that need to be done I back away from it.

We need to witness for Jesus. Jesus ask do you love? Then feed my sheep. Souls are out there dying and going to hell why because the fire has died down. The church has forgotten it’s first love. Jesus gave his life a ransom so we might be free of sin all he ask was that we tell the world of his wonderful love.

But we have failed him. We are not going into the world and telling them of Jesus. We wait inside the safety of the church walls for the lost to come to us. Church we are failing God tonight. We do need revival we need to remember what we are to be doing for Jesus as Christians. We are to go into the world and tell them about Jesus.

We need to set the world on fire. Do you really want revival? Then I ask you tonight If you are lost without Jesus as your friend and savior come to this altar let us pray with you. If you are Christian and you feel like you have done every thing God would want you to do then stay right where you are. But if you feel like you could do more for God. Then I ask you come to this altar and begin to revive your soul. Begin to kindle the fire within. God will revive us but we must first obey.

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