Summary: God will hold us responsible he has already told us that for those that know to do good and do it not to them it is a sin. Faith without works is dead. That means to be a Christian we have to do something for God.

REVIVAL (Part 4) Luke 16

Tonight I want to talk to you about the condition we must be in to receive revival. Now if you have read your Bible then you know history of Lazarus is in the 16th chapter of Luke. But we are not going to talk about Lazarus tonight. Tonight we are talking about the steward. There was a certain rich man and he had a steward. Some of us tonight need to know what a steward is.

A steward is someone who is entrusted to look after someone else’s welfare. Did you know tonight that if you are saved you have been appointed stewards unto God? So what exactly does a steward do? A steward looks after his master’s money. A steward looks after his master investments. He keeps check on properties and holdings of his master’s. Once we become Christians we are to look after God’s property. We are to take care of his money. But most of all we are to take care of his investments.

So what does God invest in? Souls. That is our primary function as Christians. To further the kingdom of heaven by bringing souls into the service of our Lord and Savior. Now we read here that this steward was not trust worthy. He squandered his master’s investments.

That is what the church does every time we allow the fire to urn down. We cannot further God’s kingdom if our fire has died down. We can’t not be a light to the world if there is no fire in our hearts. We will have to give an account of our dealings. Just as the steward did right here. How will you fair tonight? Will God find that you have squandered his investment? Or will he find that you have been faithful?

God will hold us responsible he has already told us that for those that know to do good and do it not to them it is a sin. Faith without works is dead. That means to be a Christian we have to do something for God. Christ did not come to earth and do nothing if he had we would surely have been lost. We have got to be on the battle field for the Lord tonight.

If we claim to be Christians but do not the things the Lord has commanded then it profits us nothing. It profits the Lord nothing. If we are about our father’s business and souls are being touched then the kingdom will be furthered and we will have done our service for the Lord.

Well I don’t understand why does not bless me. Have you been faithful with the least? He has told us that for us to receive the plenty we must be faithful with the least. God will not trust you with abundant blessings until you are faithful with the few. What does that mean? Have you testified to the small blessings that God has given you?

I have called for testimonies many times when no one spoke out or they were reluctant to speak. You want to be blessed then every time you have an opportunity to speak for God you should jump to your feet. You should be running over each other for an opportunity to testify as to what God has done for you. You want the many blessings you must be faithful with the few.

Ok now we are getting to the good stuff. Now we know that to have revival we must first stir up the fire. We must be faithful good stewards of God’s investments. We cannot be dry we must have had some life in us at one time or the other. We must humble our selves pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. There must be joy in our worship of God.

And we cannot serve to masters. We are all guilty of this one. Our master may be our job, or our home, even a husband or wife. Our master may be money or material possessions. What ever we have allowed between ourselves and God has become our master. If we want to be revived we cannot serve two masters. I have heard this many times in my life you cannot straddle the fence you are either for God or against God.

I have to tell you this tonight because God has given it to me. If you are not doing what God has told you then you are committing sin. And no sin will enter in the gates of heaven. If you have failed to share your testimony tonight you are endanger of hell.

I have heard being saved referred to as hell insurance. Let me tell you if you are not paying your premiums you insurance has expired and you will not make it in. Tonight’s message has not been for the unsaved. Tonight’s message has been for the Christian that has back slid. If you are not in the will of God tonight you out of the will of God.

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