Summary: It takes prayer to get the power for real revival.

Several days ago I was walking and thinking about the pain of so many people.

addiction-divorce-joblessness-financial difficulties and even some are homeless

At that time I knew of two different families with no income and about to be evicted.

The stress, depression and pain are everywhere. Hurting people seem to be almost behind every front door of every home. I began to ask the Lord, “Where is the help for so many hurting people?” I began to think about the church, the church is god’s primary resource to help but the church is almost powerless. I began to think about OUR community and OUR church. I began to pray for revival for America but more specifically for a revival in our church. A revival where the Holy Spirit would move in such a way addicts would be set free, marriages mended and souls saved by the thousands.

Do you know entire communities and even countries have changed when real revival came? God left us a record about such a movement. It’s found in the book of Acts where the church was acting with great power. From Acts 1 to Acts 17 the entire world was affected by that revival. (Read Acts 17:6) That church really made a difference.

Acts begins with Jesus last recorded words on earth as He gave His church specific instructions. Luke records this book called Acts and it can be divided into two sections. Chapters 1-12 could be called “The Acts of Peter” as he led the church to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Chapters 13-28 could be called “The Acts of Paul” as he led the church to the world. Actually it was the “Acts of The Holy Spirit”.

The first 14 verses Luke writes about three main things.


In verse 1 Luke is referring to his last letter which he had written to Theophilus, the gospel called Luke. Luke gave us an orderly account and thorough investigation concerning Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension. Notice the word “began” in verse 1. Jesus life and work on earth was only the beginning and although He is in heaven today His work is still going on. His work and ministry is being done by his followers, His church, through the power of The Holy Spirit.

v. 2-commanded- Why such a charge? If His church failed His ministry stops.

v. 3-Between His resurrection and ascension he remained on earth for 40 days. During this time he spoke about the kingdom of God.

The very reason we exist on earth today is to focus all of our energy and attention on His kingdom being built.

Kingdom focused people have different prayers for practice. In John 17 80% of jesus’ prayer was so his church would be all that they could be. Kingdom focused people have different sources for stress. Worldly Christians run to the world when stressed, kingdom people run to the King. Kingdom focused people have different goals for giving. Kingdom focused people use their income for building His kingdom not theirs. Kingdom focused people have different strategies for service. They present their body as a living sacrifice. Worldly focused followers want comfort.

v. 4-5 This work is too important for us to try and do it on our own or in our own strength.


He never said He would not restore (v. 6). He said not to focus so much on the minute but focus on the mission.

v. 9-11 There is no time to observe, it’s time to obey


While they were waiting they were praying.

Some may be too busy with the world that you’re not ministering to the world

Honestly ask yourself, are you kingdom focused because until you are you will not be baptized with His power. You’ll be living a powerless Christianity.

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