Summary: 7 Priorities to produce healthy Christians

In part 1 of this sermon we noticed the first 2 parts



Now let’s notice


There are 7 priorities weaved into these verses

Evangelism v. 40-41

Discipleship v. 42

Fellowship v. 42

Prayer v. 42

Service v. 43

Giving v. 44-45

Worship v. 46-47

Each of these 7 priorities will produce a healthy Christian but as a Christian if I only focus on some and not all I’ll be out of balance. I must discipline myself to focus on all 7 to be a healthy Christian. If I say I’m going to focus on worship-that’s my calling and not on the other 6 I’ll soon be out of balance. If I go out and purchase the best head phones money can buy and walk around with my mind and my heart on God this seems to be very spiritual. If I never fellowship with the family I’m out of balance. We must focus on all 7. There are probably 2 or 3 of these that I’m kind of strong in or 2 or 3 that I’m weak in as well. I want us to identify some areas we’re weak in and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and help us in those areas. So we can be healthy Christians which in turn will result in a healthy church.

EVANGELISM-I use to put it at the bottom and work my way to it because v. 47 says, “And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. This isn’t the strategy. The strategy started off with those who got saved and then came discipleship, fellowship, etc. What’s the strategy in getting people saved according to the book of Acts? Focus on the kingdom (ch. 1). Forfeit the things of the world (ch. 2:1). Filled with the spirit of god (ch. 2:2).

Ps. 126:5-6---The passion v. 5, The Promise v. 5, The Process v. 6, The Power v. 6, The Produce v. 6

DISCIPLESHIP-I heard in a conference I attended the leader speaking about the condition of this nation. They said, “Kingdom focused families would have never arrived where we are as a nation.” I believe what we do a 5:00 on Sunday would be more accurately called discipleship teaching. Discipleship training is more one on one and this takes time.

FELLOWSHIP-Do you see fellowship as a ministry, just hanging out? Let’s not get carried away thinking it isn’t ministry, the greatest form of evangelism today is “relationship evangelism”. People don’t trust today. You can start off with the gospel but if they don’t trust you, you need to build a friendship first.

PRAYER-Since we shifted from Wednesday night Bible Study to Wednesday Night Prayer Service we’ve seen mighty movements of God on Sunday’s.

SERVICE-People using their gifts for His work. The leader at the conference I attended also asked, “Why do parents help outside the church with sporting events, band stuff and school functions then come to church and expect a free ride?’ This work carries through eternity. You and I have been called to serve the body. How are you doing?

WORSHIP-Should lead us to the first. Evangelize so people can worship then the 5 in between help us fulfill these.

Ask the Holy Spirit for a fresh filling to help you in your weak areas.

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