Summary: There is a pattern with God and people; People sin, God rebukes and discipline, People confess and repent, God loves and provides, "Revival", People sin again.....

Please open your Bibles to the Book of Judges……… We noted from last week that the stories in the Book of Judges actually happened after the death of Joshua. Before we read Chapter 2, let us note that Judges 1:1-3:6 is a Prologue to the Book. Judges 2 actually remind us of what Joshua did and prepare us for what happened to Israel as they conquered the Promised Land.

Read along with me Judges 2…….

v1-3: can be before or after Joshua’s death BUT we will not find a place called Bokim in the Book of Joshua. However, this rebuke of the Lord about disobedience is constantly being said for Israel even during the time of Moses; and so v1-3 is for the entire nation of Israel!

v4: Israel responded properly to God’s rebuke! Wept aloud (impacted hearts?), made a memorial (Bokim means “the place of weepers”) and offered worship! Again, we note a pattern, Israel would sin, God rebukes and disciplines, Israel weeps, confess sins, and worships! (sounds like our own lives doesn’t it?)

v6-8: is a reminder of Joshua 24:28-31….. turn there briefly with me…. And so we note:

And it is impressive!!!

For a long time (likely 2 generations), the Nation of Israel followed God after the death of Joshua!

Let us note that a godly nation is possible on earth even with sinners! this is always God’s desire for people and nations, to be followers and worshipers of God!

But then what happened?

v10: A new generation of Israel grew but did not know God or what God did for Israel! Now, how do you think that new generation of Israel did not know their history??

a. No one taught that new generation about God?

b. That new generation just ignored all the memorials and historical records of God!

Remember that the Israelites of old always placed a memorial of some sort when something godly had happened and they still had the tabernacle and all the things for God including the Stone Tablets with God’s personal writing, and all the Scriptures by Moses and Joshua! How could they ignore all of that, but they did! We can quickly note the application for today can’t we?

Like the Founding Fathers of America, the godly nation of Israel after Joshua’s death, likely assumed the next generation would follow them to be godly!

And what happened when they ignored the Real God?

v11-13: that new generation of Israel who forsook the Lord did all kinds of evil…. God tells us what they did….. Baal and Ashtoreths were pagan gods of immorality and death!

v14-15: because of sin, the Israelites were defeated in many ways and God was disciplining them!

But what do we note in v16: because of love, God raised up “Judges” to save Israel!

And a bigger BUT..

v17-19: even with God’s provision of a leader, Israel continued sinning!

This passage summarizes the Book of Judges and all people in general! God loves and provides but people refuse to believe and disobey!

v20-23: There are consequences to refusing and disobeying God!

And so again the Biblical Principles from this Scripture is straight forward in applying them to our lives today.

1. God is God and He is a God of love! God didn’t have to create humans but He did to share His love!

Do we truly believe and love this God who loves us till we die?

2. God will rebuke and discipline people because of love (to do the perfect right thing)! God desires everyone to return to Him, the Creator of all, and He provided a way back to God through Jesus Christ! Have we truly returned to God by believing in Jesus Christ?

3. When we realize we have disobeyed God, confess to God through Jesus Christ, make a memorial (somehow remember God’s forgiveness), then worship God! Always pray C A T S… Confess sins.. Adore and Praise God…. Thank God…. and Supplications (Ask)!

4. God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3):

a. We all have a responsibility to learn and do what God tells us! Ignoring and disobeying God leads to lost blessings!

b. We all have a responsibility to teach what God says! Are we passing the godly baton to the next generation? We all have teach people about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! Because all people are sinners, we can not assume that people will believe in god by themselves, when all people want to do is please themselves! Look for opportunities to teach about the Triune God to anyone you meet!

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