Summary: Nehemiah has a great work to do but has to seek the guidance of God.

Ministry by Divine Order


It’s the 20th year reign of King ar-tuh- zerk sees Nehemiah is the cup bearer for the King, his responsibility was to taste the King’s Wine and Food at each meal to make sure it did not contain poison in it. Now he has a need to bring before the king, however, he is grieved at heart and can’t readily approach the king because he has his issues on his face. Note; It is mere disrespect to come before authority in sadness Moreover, He is afraid to ask of the king what he desires because he knows that this is the very same king that put a temporary halt to the rebuilding program at Jerusalem, That King Cyrus had encouraged.

Grieved-because he thinks he knows the answer

Excited-because he prejudged his expectation and is allowed to return to Judah to rebuild. By God’s Divine Favor

What Was A Great City Is Now A Pile of Ruin

What Do You Do When The Very Thing You Love Lies In Ruin

1)Husband 2)Wife 3)Kids 4)Mother 5)Father 6)Church

Nehemiah Was Not Grieved Because of:

1) Crumbled Walls

2) Broken Bricks

3) Crushed Doors

It Was The:

1) Failed Promises

2) Unfulfilled Vision

3) Broken Dreams

Four essential things to do:

1) He Prays - 3 for months seeking God’s guidance

2) He Asks for Release

3) He’s Accountable to the king of his absence

4) He’s sent

We Must Turn to God

1) When there’s no trouble2 ) When we think’s there’s trouble 3 ) When there is trouble

If You want to be great - You must become a great servant

God Wants Us In Shape

(Spiritual (Heart (Abilities (Personality (Experience


David says:

Do Good In your good pleasure to Zion Build The walls of Jerusalem

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