Summary: when we walk with the Lord, as Job did, we find that he will not only guide and bless us, but change us as well.

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Did you ever go to the store and find something, that you later had to take back, say after a holiday season, and find out that you only are getting about half of what you originally paid? Did you ever go to a restuarant that served your favorite burger, and the next time you went, it just wasn’t that good. First, they had raised the price and second it was not thoroughly cooked. You had to wait forever for the waitstaff to serve it?

Life is a lot like that, a law of diminishing returns. We don’t get value for certain things or we find that the next time we want to enjoy something, it’s not that enjoyable.

With Job, Job he had suffered terribly in life. Many of the things he had, he lost. Many of the friends he had berated him, and his family was wiped out. He had disease, he had depression and he was dispondent.

In the forty-second chapter, God deals with his onery friends, and rewards Job for his faithfulness, and resolve.

In verse 10, Job is praying again, and not for himself. He prays for his friends. Job is a picture of a man who has gotten outside himself. He had gone through so much, but in the process, he died to self. Self didn’t matter. He was resolute. He prayed for his friends.

The tenth verse tells us that God rewarded Job. He made him to prosper again. He gave him material wealth, though I have a feeling, Job didn’t enjoy all that. The story line says that he was given twice what he had before.

Verse ll tells us that his family returned to him. Brothers and sisters came and ate with him at his new house. I have a feeling that after things get put back together down in the South, after Hurricane Katrina, values will change. Families will be closer. Cities will be restored, but newer. In many ways people will change, realizing that the stuff of life is not of real value. Dorothy’s niece and nephew will rebuild their lives, they escaped with only a few clothes. Family has surrounded them with help. Neighbors are allowing them to live nearby as they restore their home. In some ways, thing will be better in the long run. We just don’t see it now. God has a plan. In Job’s case the family is highlighted. They come and comfort Job and care for him. They give him some money and the ring symbolizes their bond.

Verse twelve says that God blessed Job’s life. I want that, I want God to bless me and teach me and do with me the best way He can. I want to live my latter years serving him as Job did. Content in my own skin, ready to serve. Like Ann and Ernie. It’s good to see Ernie back, leading the music, taking part in the church.

Verse thirteen says that Job had more children. Seven sons, and three daughters. He must have still been a fairly virile, young man. God gave him sons and daughters. This was a sure sign of prosperity. After WWII, there was a baby boom, as soldiers came back from Europe and Japan to raise families. God had brought a period of peace and prosperity to America and the economy grew. My father took part in building sixty homes in about three months! I went with him to the jobsite on occasion, watching him work, taking time to eat balony sandwiches as he sweated over the hardwood floors he installed. Back then, it was a standard feature of the house.

Verse fourteen and fifteen say that he had beautiful daughters, and along with them, the sons all got an inheritance. What will you leave your children? The stuff, of course, and maybe a little money, but your greatest legacy will be your faith. Leave them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a testament that will bridge the hard times and the tough times.

Finally in verse sixteen, Job lived a long life, symbolizing favor with God. He lived so long, he saw four generations of children. God granted him life to see the reward of pursuing Him. God granted him a long life to allow him to see grandchildren and great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren living in loving relationships with him.

Verse seventeen, Job dies. This is the end of the story and the end of the book. But we see that Job lived a full life. We see that God was good to his servant Job. My prayer is that God would deal with us in somewhat the same way. Show us throughout life what is of value. Show us that He is in control and will aid and assist us every step of the way, every chapter and stage of life. He is the Great Shephard, and will guide and carry me. He will carry you. Let’s pray.

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