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Summary: No one meets Jesus and stays the same, using rich young ruler and Bartimaeus the Blind man as illustrations

Rich Man, Poor Man

Mark 10:17-22; 46-52


April 30, 2001

Each of us I am sure, if we stop and think, could think of a situation in life that changed our life completely, or at least left us to never be the same. For some it was meeting someone of distinction, for others it might be time spent in the service, and still for others, it might be the birth of a child or some other significant life event. My point is this; Things take place in our lives that change us each and every day, to some degree I am sure. But nothing can change an individual like coming face to face with Jesus Christ.

This morning, I want to share with you some observations from Mark 10, in the lives of 2 individuals who came face to face with Christ. I call it the Rich Man Poor Man experience.

I. The Rich Young Man 17-22

A. The rich young ruler had great wealth

1. He lacked for nothing

2. All of his worldly needs were met

3. But he wanted eternal life

4. He wanted what money could not buy

B. He comes face to face with Christ

1. He comes on his knees

2. He asks the right questions

3. He appears to be on the right track

4. He is thinking, I a decent enough guy

5. I keep the commandments

C. The test

1. Go and sell all of your possessions and give to the poor

2. Show me you love me more than money

3. Show me you love me more than the world

4. Show me you have compassion

a. Selling or giving away all you have is not a pre-requisite to salvation.

b. Obedience and repentance is.

D. He went away a changed man.

1. No one can meet Jesus and stay the same.

2. Unfortunately, he fails the test and goes away sad

3. He had the opportunity to go away even wealthier, but he blew it.

a. Satan lies to people and tells them that Salvation is not worth repentance.

b. This shows us how crafty he is, Only Satan could make you believe that misery was more enjoyable than peace, or that slavery and bondage was more enjoyable than freedom, that hate and anger was more enjoyable than unconditional love, but that is exactly what he does, and millions believe it.

c. They come face to face with Jesus, and walk away sad.

II. The Poor Blind Man 46-51

A. He hears Jesus is coming

1. Bartimaeus is his name

2. Setting by the roadside begging

3. Quite a contrast to the rich young ruler

4. The Rich man could see, the poor man could only hear.

5. But that’s all he needed.

6. Faith can make up for a lot of shortcomings.

B. He begins to make a seen

1. He put his pride aside

2. He understood this was an opportunity of a lifetime

3. He cries out, literally screaming, Son of David, Have Mercy on Me.

4. In that sentence, he acknowledges Christ for who he is, and recognizes himself as one in need of mercy

5. The rich man identified Jesus as “Good Teacher” and assumed himself worthy of eternal life

6. The blind man only asks for Mercy

C. The world tries to stop him

1. No person was going to stop him from meeting Jesus

2. He did not care what the people thought

3. He knew he was a poor old blind man

4. He also Knew Jesus was the Messiah

5. His persistence and humility gain him access to Christ

D. Christ heals him,

1. The blind man begins rejoicing I am sure

2. How could he not

3. He follows Jesus along the road.

III. The Irony

A. Both were changed, you can’t meet Jesus and stay the same.

1. The rich man had passed up the gift of eternal life for fear of losing earthly possessions.

2. The Poor man went away Rich, having eternal life, and still no material possessions, perhaps worse off because now he had to find a job.

3. The Rich Man Went away poor and the poor man went away Rich

B. The Rich Man went away spiritually blind, and the blind man received his sight.

1. The Rich man obviously did not grasp the significance of his rejection, spiritually he was blinded.

2. The Poor Man though blind was able to see the opportunity and received his sight because of it.

C. The Rich Man went away Sad, and the Poor Man went away Happy

1. The Rich man went away sad, because of the choice that had to be made, not willing to give up what he had for what he could gain.

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