Summary: The path to discipleship starts from the Law, then giving up all that you have to follow Jesus. How does the ten commandments teach us this concept? Jesus challenged the Rich Young Ruler to take his keeping the law one step beyond he expected.

The Fawn

A couple weeks ago, we went to Yellowstone Park. While we were there, we saw a bear, some bisons, deer, elks, ground hogs, and many other smaller animals. Today I want to tell you a story about a family of deer. Let us pretend that this is the family of deer.

Two young fawns and their deer family. This family of deer lived in a very large park, the roamed freely in the park. The two fawns loved to play and chased each other all over the park. Occasionally they would see some friendly people that love taking pictures of them.

One day, the two fawns can across a tall fence. They decided to see there the fence ends but after hours and days of walking, they made it full circle to the very spot where they began. This fence totally surrounded the place they lived.

The two fawns went back home to tell their mother about this very strange fence. The moms told them the fence was for their protection. Outside the fence lurked danger and evil. They were never to wander pass the fence. Everyday these two you fawns would go to the fence and looked outside. They didn't see any danger. In fact the sun seems to shine brighter on the other side. The grass seems to be longer. The flowers bloomed brightly. They thought to themselves: "Why would our mom tell us such lies? We don't see any danger." They felt the fence was restricting them and preventing them from having fun.

As the fawns grew, they started to learn to jump higher and higher. Soon they were jumping as high as the fence. The mommy deer knew their desires, so they warned the deer again and again: "Do not go outside the fence. It is dangerous out there."

One day the one of the fawns decided he was strong enough to jump the fence. So he convinced his sister to come along. The two of them took a running start and they jumped as high as they can. They sailed over the fence and landed on the other side.

Wow!!! See, no danger. Every day they would jump over the fence to explore the forest beyond. In the evening, they would jump over the fence to return. No one knew... or so they thought. You see, there was a man sitting in the bushes watching all this happen. He would see these two deer jump the fence in the morning to go out and then jump the fence in the evening to go home.

One particular morning, the two fawns jumped the fence as usual to go explore. As they wondered deeper and deeper into the forest, they discover it was really quite. The usual birds were not singing. They didn't see any rabbits or foxes along their trail. "What is going on?" The sun was shining as usual. The weather was perfect. But all the animals seem to have left the forest.

Suddenly, they heard a bang. Then another bang. And another bang. The fawn's sister fell to the ground crying in pain. She yelled: "Run... Run... Run for your life. The hunters mom had told us are here."

The fawn ran as fast as he could. He jumped the brook. He jumped the bushes. He wanted to get home. He finally reached the fence. He stopped and backed up to get a running start. He ran as fast as he could. He jumped. As he was sailing past the fence, he heard another bang. Then pain. Then everything went dark. The poor little fawn was shot by the hunter that had been watching them. Fortunately, a forest ranger found him and brought him to the animal hospital where the doctors were able to save him.

There are many types of fences and rules that adults puts on us. Many of those rules are for our own safety even though they may not make any sense to us. We need to believe that our daddies and mommies love us so much that they know best for us. We need to listen to them. When we listen to them, we would not fall into danger like our two deer.


There are many types of fences and walls. Some are to keep people out. Others are to keep people in. Some protect us from the outside. Others keep the danger restrained.

Here is the Great Wall of China. It stretches from the Gobi Desert all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This wall is over 4000 miles long and can be seen from space. It was built to keep China safe from the enemies to the north.

The Berlin Wall encircled West Berlin but the people outside of the confined area wanted to get into the walled in area so they can be free. So freedom may not have to do with confinements. In this case, people outside of the walled city wanted to get in to be free.

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