Summary: Looking at the qualities of a river, one can get a better idea of what Christ has given us in the gift of salvation.


Text: John 7:37,38

Water is a symbol of the Holy Ghost. He is an agent working to do the will of the Father and to exalt Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost convinces us of our need of Christ and the salvation that He offers.

Jesus defied and challenged many of the traditions of His day. Many of the original laws of Moses and the Old Testament had been changed to allow traditions to rule in their place. Also Jesus was not impressed to follow formalism. At the Feast of the Tabernacles, He was bored with all the same formalities that had been followed for years. The people basically had a dead religion that was very hard for them to get excited about. Thus, Jesus stands up and interrupts the service to explain that He was the water of life and all the figures and symbols were types that pointed to Him as the Mesiah.

I. A River requires a definite beginning.

"he that believeth in me" (v. 38)

A. The Missisippi River has its beginning in a small stream that continues to get larger and larger.

B. The river of salvation begins with faith and repentance and reaches to all mankind.

C. Those who run to Jesus can be washed and cleansed by this river.-1 Jn. 1:9

II. The River Reflects a Dinamic Source

"as the scripture hath said" (v. 38)

A. Where the Missouri River pours into the Mississippi, the currents go in motion with more power, force, and magnitude.

B. The river in your life needs entrances of prayer, Bible study, regular church attendance, proper fellowship, and patience.

C. Rivers have outlets also.

The Dead Sea has no outlet, thus it is stagnant and has no life.

*Don’t be a cistern, be a channel.

III. The River yields a Distinct Service

-the river flows

A. Rivers carry heavy barges

B. The river of salvation helps carry the heavy loads of lifes’ problems.

IV. Rivers Retain a Splendor

A. A good river does not end; it simply pours into the ocean, where the sun evaporates the water that turns to humidity and gathers in the clouds and is carried by the wind to bring rains that once again fill the river.

B. The river of salvation is eternal. (Mt. 24:35)

It is recipricol--a cycle of fresh life.

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