Summary: Palm Sunday message which looks at the attitude of the people on the road to jerusalem. There were curious people, critical people, which one are you? The road to the cross should be about comitted followers doing what the Lord has called us to do.

The road to the Cross

Luke 19:28-44 Matthew 21:1-11 Mark 11:1-111


This morning we will look at the road to the cross.

Jesus entering into Jerusalem and fulfilling all that God the Father wanting Him to accomplish including the death, burial, resurrection that leads to the redemption of mankind and the defeat of sin and Satan.

I want us to look at this familiar passage and see the attitude change of the people.

They went from praising Jesus to wanting to crucify Him.

They went from following Him to betraying Him.

Jesus was determined to stay the course and go to the cross. The Devil wanted Jesus killed on the cross also, but had no idea what would happen on and off the cross.

Luke 19:28-44

A lot of people know about the cross and Jesus Christ, but few have experienced what the cross means for their life.


A story is told about a famous preacher long ago who pastored a church that was filled every Sunday by people who traveled miles on foot just to hear his messages. One day as the church was emptying, a passer-by asked one of the people in church why the preacher’s message was so compelling. The person responded without hesitation, the preacher will take you up to the mountain and down to the valley; he will bring you to laughter and to tears. He will have you jumping around with joy and then falling to your knees, but, by the time he is finished, he will always have you at the foot of the cross.

Palm Sunday is Jesus Christ fulfilling what God the Father wanted accomplished.

Jesus goes to Jerusalem

Clears the Temple

Is betrayed by one of His own disciples

Has His last Supper with His disciples.

Gives His life on the cross.

Experiences the resurrection power of God the Father.

That changed mankind forever! That is Holy Week! That is Jesus Christ road to the Cross!

The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

Riding on a colt that symbolizes humility rather than power.

fulfilling prophecy of Zechariah

People going from “who is this”, to laying their coats on the ground as a sign of loyalty.

People spreading palm branches and screaming “Hosanna”, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”, “Hosanna in the highest.”

Expressions of praise – worship for their new leader!

All three having a meaning of honor.

5 days later, these same people were yelling crucify Him, and wanting a convicted criminal set free instead of Jesus.

What happened?

Why the change of heart?

The historical tension was between the Romans and the revolt of the people. Jerusalem usually 50,000 people, now roughly 150,000 people because of the Passover.

The Roman army beefing up their army to keep people under control.

People thinking that this Jesus was coming to conquer this suppressive Roman army.

In the crowd was a variety of people

There were followers- “Hail Jesus”

There were critics – “Who does this Jesus think He is?

There were the curious- “What is all the noise about?

There was a core of believers- “Those willing to die for Jesus”

This morning I want you to know that there is everyone of those people in every congregation.

Some need to move from critic to being committed.

Some need to move from curious to being the core of believers.

You may be standing on the side of the road, but by the end of this message, you will have to do something with Jesus.

As soon as most learned that Jesus was not going to do what they expected, they changed allegiances.

As soon as Jesus did not meet their expectation, they went from “Hossana”(praise) to “crucify Him.” (condemning)

The people wanted Jesus to be their king, but they did not understand what kind of king Jesus would be. They expected their Messiah to be a great political and military leader who would free them from tyranny of the Roman empire, but the kingdom of God is not of this world. It is a spiritual kingdom that is growing in the hearts of people who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

You have to understand that conspiracy for Jesus has been mounting for about three years.

Religious people hated Him.

Romans did not trust Him.

The very people he was going to die for did not understand His purpose and plan.

Palm Sunday is a celebration of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Jesus rode on a colt rather than a war horse.

Jesus was not coming to destroy, but to love.

Luke 9:51- “He set His face to Jerusalem” Jesus Christ was determined to finish the task God had for Him to accomplish.

People think they drove and forced Jesus to the cross, He openly went to redeem mankind.

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