Summary: Keep your feet on the rock and your name on the role

Rock and Roll

1. Tower of Pisa. 180 ft. leaning 18 ft. Soft soil/foundation too

shallow. Pisa means marshy land. Foundation only 10 ft. deep

2. Houses stand for peoples lives. We’re all building our whole life.

Jesus asks-Are you a wise builder or foolish builder? Building to last

or will it collapse when tested? Are you building on the foundation

of rock? In a hurry & building emotionally on sand? Jesus didn’t

say good/bad bldr. or righteous/unrighteous bldr. Said wise/foolish.

3. Foolish: emotional, led by feelings. Lazy, easy way out. Refuses to

listen to doctrines, doesn’t like doctrines of Bible, doctrine of God /

creation/sin. Therefore, finds church that doesn’t teach biblical

doctrines. Self-pleasing, Self at center, not Christ. Reads Bible

selectively, looking for blessings. Appreciates doctrine of love, but

hates doctrine of justice. Impatient, looking for shortcuts/quick


4. No long-term view of things, no view of the end. Doesn’t want to

think about death, eternity, facing Jesus. Ignoring Word of God

which tells us man appointed once to die then face judgment.

5. Wise builder: One who listens very carefully to instructions. Hard

working & patient. Luke 6:47-49 - wise builder dug deep. Dig until

he comes to bedrock. Then build house on that. Wise builder not

looking for shortcuts or quick results. Builds to last.

6. Wealthy man/house builder illus. God is saying to us- building a

house, house is our life, we’re going to live in it. Whether you live in

pain or peace, depression or delight, poverty or prosperity, totally

depends on how you build that house. Jesus, a Jewish carpenter,

gave contractor seminar. Said 2 bldrs. 1 wise, 1 foolish. 2

foundations, 1 rock, 1 sand. 2 destinies, to stand or to fall.

7. Oct. 17, 1989 San Francisco earthquake illus.

8. Both houses hit by storm. One survives. Storms will come.

Parable about foundations, not weather. No storm-free zones.

9. Mug/wine glass illus.

10. Master builder looks down from heaven & shouts “THERE’S A



11. Prepare for storms when skies blue & nothing looks wrong. May

be wealthy by today’s std., healthy, friends. Phone rings, x-ray, knot

is cancerous, fight for life. THE STORM COMES.

12. Phone rings. Baby daughter in serious accident. Life turned up-

side down/storm hits. IT’S TOO LATE TO PREPARE THEN. 2

foundations, rock & sand. Rock: secure, unshakable, solid. Sand:

shifting, insecure, uncertain.

13. Man who built on sand seemed to make greater progress. Walls

up overnight, putting on roof, hanging doors having barbecue,

watching Monday Nite Football, while neighbor over there digging

thru dirt to rock. Says “whatcha doin’, chill out, kick back. My

house is done. Come have barbecue & go swimmin’.” NO, GOTTA


STORM COMIN’. Beware of instant spiritual success. What goes

up quickly can come down quickly. Keep digging til you hit rock.

14. Bible says it rains on just & unjust. Bad things happen to good

people. Rains on house built on sand & rains on house built on rock.

Difference is not weather. Difference is where house is built.

15. People in hospital, home, some location of suffering, crying out

about the storms of life. They pray for God to change the weather.

Stop the rain, stop the flood. I pray, God, I hope their foundation is

on the rock. If their foundation is on the rock, they will make it. If

not, 1,000 preachers & boatload of drugs won’t help them.

16. We live in a day anyone can write a book & make money.

Criminals, victims. Romance novels, Science Fiction, Drama, Poems,

Biographies, Autobiographies. Some write to enlighten the public,

some write to confuse the public. Lotta people want to write a book.

17. Have you ever been included in a book? Life story recorded?

Most of you thinking I’m nobody. Devil would love you to believe


18. Bethel Members Directory Malachi 3:16-18

19. Rev. 20:15 “And whosoever was not found written in the book of

life was cast into the lake of fire.” Any name of any man, woman,

boy, girl, of any age, country, social status, race, whose name is not

found in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. If you’re

not on the roll

20. When & how is this book of life filled up? Rev. 17:8 Names

written from the foundation of the world. Before the world was, God

had already written the book. Book of life is filled with those whom

God has chosen.

21. No new names. My name was written before I was saved. I am

saved because my name was written.

22. My feet are on the rock and my name is on the role. Rock & role

is what life’s all about.

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