Summary: A Resurrection Sunday Sermon

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The Rock ‘n Roll Resurrection


If Jesus had only come to earth, He would merely have been a visitor - God on a holiday. If He had only died, He would merely have been a religious teacher - another Buddha or Mohammed. But He didn’t just come to earth, and He didn’t just die on a cross. He gave us hope. He rose from the dead!


Say it with me congregation – “Christ has risen.”

Say it again “Christ has risen”

Say it now like you telling the disciples after finding an empty tomb – “Christ has risen”

Say it now like it means the eternal life that you know it does. – “Christ has risen.”

Say it now like your very life depends on that empty tomb. – “Christ has risen”

Say it now – say it now! – “Christ has risen.” Build – Crash


What does that mean?

What does it mean that Christ has risen?

What does this resurrection mean for us?


We diligently come here to the foot of the cross every week.

We come here every week to leave things at the cross.

That piece wood would mean nothing to us; it would mean nothing to bring things the cross.


You see this cross has become our symbol of hope, our faith thought process, not because of the man that was on it, but because of the God that conquered it!


This hunk of wood would mean absolutely nothing.

It would mean the end, it mean God defeated, it would mean death.

Death, because the results of sin is death. And had this cross and its death not been conquered it would mean that sin had not been conquered and thus death would be everywhere!


I Corinthians 15:14, 17 "And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins."

What Jesus Christ did on the cross only has significance because He did not stay in the tomb!

The resurrection set the Christ apart.

The resurrection ensured that the Christ did not end but went on.

It meant that Gods plan did not die, but continued.

That plan involves you. So sit up, sit on the edge of your seats this morning. Because one thing you will leave with today is the understanding of what this resurrection means for you.


This mornings message entitled, rock ’n roll resurrection is a challenge to do something different in church today.

This morning we are simply going to identify our rock, roll it away with absolutely no logical explanation and we are going to receive a new life.

A totally new outlook and a wonderful future.

And that all through the resurrection of the Christ.


Mary had been at the tomb earlier that morning. She was in deep distress.

Oh how she must have hated the rock that sealed that tomb. It stood between her and her Lord. She would have perhaps even wept against that rock crying out hoping the Christ would hear her.

That rock meant the end of the Christ that had changed her life. Now she doubted if she could go on without him. Despite the new life he had given her while he lived, if that rock meant the end of it, her life could not continue.

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