Summary: The sacraments of Baptism and the lord’s Supper picture our entry into the Body of Christ and our on-going need for Spiritual sustenance from Christ

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Role of the Trinity in the Redemption Process - 5 – Jesus our Life – The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Have you ever given any thought to why we do the things we do at church?

• Why do we sing hymns, pray, have a sermon, Lord’s Supper, take up an offering, etc

• The are all accepted forms of Christian worship aren’t they

• In contrast the other day I watched this documentary recently on TV where this group of voodoo worshipers in Haiti had whipped themselves into a frenzy, they then cut the testicles off a live goat and passed them around for worshippers to tear off bits with their teeth and eat them

• Then they cut the poor goats throat with a blunt knife and passed the blood around to drink

• All this was done to encourage the “spirits” to show up and possess them

• And sure enough they obliged, people writhing on the floor, screaming etc

• In their religion this is how they expressed their worship

• However when we come to a Christian church we expect our worship to be expressed in carefully prescribed fashion

• This may vary slightly from denomination to denomination but basically we find singing, prayer, Lord’s Supper, offering, Sermon etc

• So there is an accepted and appropriate way to express our worship towards God

• How do you think these modes of worship developed? Basically developed as a result of God’s instruction to Israel and Christ’ instruction to the disciples

• God spelt out to Moses in intricate detail how worship was to happen in the Mosaic Covenant, when, how, who etc

• Jesus Himself followed the procedure of the synagogue when He stood up in the synagogue took a section of scripture and made commentary on it

• Later He instituted the Lord’s Supper service into the liturgy of the early church which basically followed the format of Jewish practice

We have been talking about Jesus “Our Life”

• So far we have seen that Jesus did not just empty Himself of His glory for us in the Incarnation

• He did not just die in our place on the cross in the Atonement

• He did not just rise from the dead for us so we could share in His eternal life

• But Jesus also lived the perfect human life we could not live

• We have already looked at how Jesus lived the perfect life of faith for us so He could take our unfaithfulness and wrap it in His perfect faithfulness and present it as perfect to the Father

• Why Jesus is called the “Author and Finisher” of our faith

• We have looked at how Jesus takes our feeble attempts at prayer and wraps them in His perfect prayers before presenting them to the Father

• In a way “The Word” or Logos (Spokesman) of the Trinity becomes the Logos for us in our relationship to the Father

• Why we finish our prayers asking in Jesus’ name not our own

• Last time we looked at how Jesus went through the process of repentance and baptism on our behalf

• We saw how our calling and repentance are purely a gift of God lived out in the vicarious baptism of Jesus Christ

• And now that we are Born Again that there is a spiritually glorified body hidden in Christ waiting to be given to us at Christ’s return (Col 3:1-4)

• The real Gary Regazzoli is not this one standing before you, but the one reserved in Heaven until that glorious event

Today we turn our attention to the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

• Under the Covenant of Moses, God carefully spelt out to the Israelites the kinds of offering and sacrifices they were to bring before God

• They could not come before God with a sacrifice of their own choosing – Nadab and Abihu found that out, it cost then their lives

• These sacrifices were meant to impress on the Israelites that it was through God alone that forgiveness could be offered

• But it also spelt out how they were to respond in worship towards Him

• The two major ceremonies associated with the Mosaic covenant revolved around “Circumcision” and the “Feast of the Passover”

• What did circumcision represent for Israel? What did a Jewish proselyte have to do before He was allowed to become a member of the Jewish community?

• This was one of the reasons the Jewish Christians at the Jerusalem conference in Acts 15 wanted the practice to continue

• But Jesus had other plans on how Christians were to enter the Christian community as distinguished from the Jewish community which we will get to in a moment

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