Summary: God’s calling is not that we "straighten up" and thus become holy. But rather that we actually become "holy ones."

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Outline for CBF AM April 26, 2009 Romans 1:1-7


A. What is the thrust of vv. 2-7?

This is basically Paul’s greeting to the Romans.

Still, his greeting is full of content!

The main "content" of this greeting is sort of a parenthetical commentary on "the gospel of God," v. 1.

B. In these verses what does Paul tell us about the gospel?

1.The gospel was promised beforehand, in the O.T., v. 2.

2.The gospel is all about Jesus Christ!

C. What does the gospel tell us about Jesus?

1. He is the heir to King David (King of Israel), 3. (bring it "down to earth")

2. He is incarnate God! 4

3. He is the one who called the apostles to the gospel ministry, 5 ("Through Him")

4. It is Jesus who gave the apostles both their calling and the grace to carry it out, 5.

3.The gospel is a call to a different kind of obedience, 5

a. Explain "obedience to the faith, 5"

b. Explain "called to be saints, 7"

4. The gospel is a call to everyone, 5.

a. "All nations, 5."

b. "To all who are in Rome, 7"


How important is the gospel to you?

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