Summary: The preeminence of the gospel should dominate in both how we see ourselves and in what we do. There is NO GREATER message

Outline for CBF April 19, 2009 AM


I. Paul’s Identity = "bondservant of Jesus Christ."

A. This is title of humility.

B. This is a title of honor (the highest)

"Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire." Psalm 104:4

1. Read Psalm 2

2. Mention how Jesus Christ is now the Awesome Lord in Heaven! (In

Revelation when John saw Him he fell down as dead!)

C. There is no higher honor than to be known for our relationship to Jesus


D. This is who Paul was, let me ask you: "Who are you?"

II. Paul’s vocation= "Apostle/messenger"

A. This is what Paul did.

B. Could Paul have delivered any greater message than what God gave him?

C. How do you see yourself? "What are you?" Eph 2:10

III. Paul’s reason for being = the gospel of God

A. "Gospel" means good news.

B. There is no other "good news;" at least not in comparison with this!

C. The gospel is so much more than fire insurance!

1. Quote Rom 1:16

2. Yet, we’re going to see that the entire book of Romans deals with "the gospel." That’s the summary of the book! Romans tells us of the gospel: what it is, how it has been accomplished and how it applies to all of life!


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