Summary: The main point of this text (vv. 18-32) is that Paul was eager to preach the gospel (to those who were in Rome) because of the hopelessly determined disposition of mankind, to ignore God. We need to know that God reacts very strongly against those who sup

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Message for CBF AM June 7, 2009


Two Questions to address

1. How does the natural man respond to the knowledge of God?

2. How does God respond to Man’s rebellion?

I. How does the natural man respond to the knowledge of God?

A. Natural man is ungodly, 18. (explain "ungodly")

B. Natural man is unrighteous, 18. (explain "unrighteous")

C. How are these two characteristics worked out in the life of the natural man? 18-23

1. Man manifests a basic dishonesty regarding the truth. 18

2. The all truth in this world actually points to our Creator! 20

3. In his rejection of God, man’s understanding is darkened, 21-22.

a. "...but became futile in their thoughts..."

b. "...and their foolish hearts were darkened..."

c. "Professing to be wise, they became fools.

(Illustration of boulders in a playing field)

4. Idolatry is the natural destination for those who reject God’s truth, 23.

TS. Notice how this verse begins: "...and changed ..."

a. Because we are created in the image of God, there is indeed "a God sized hole in our hearts!" (Lois Pasteur)

- Idolatry is the substitution of anything in the place which God rightly


b. If we will not fit the One who belongs there, in that hole, there is nothing else which fits!

TS. Notice, this substitution has a progression! It is a decline!

Image made like corruptible man


Four footed animals

Creeping things

TS. Do you see any of these things in our society today?!

TS. Now, from vv. 24 to the end of the chapter we’re going to consider ...

II. How does God respond to Man’s rebellion?

TS. What we encounter here looks similar to what we’ve seen in vv. 18-23, yet it has a different twist to it.

TS. The text says three times, essentially, "therefore... God gave them over." Let’s consider these three statements: We find the fist in read vv. 24 & 25... (read it)

A. God gave them over to uncleanness (physical uncleanness) 24-25

1. Definition of uncleanness

1a) physical

1b) in a moral sense: the impurity of lustful, luxurious, profligate living

1b1) of impure motives

2. Examples: bestiality, things unmentionable...

B. God gave them over to homosexuality, 26-27

1. The text clearly defines this sin.

2. "...and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due..."

a. Physical ailments

b. emotional "ailments"

c. Example of suppressing the truth, in this area

TS. Finally we find that...

A.God gave them over to a debased mind 28-32

1. What does "debased" means?

Railroad Woes

Two drunk farmers are helping each other home late one

night, staggering down the railroad tracks. After about half

a mile, Harry declares with some annoyance, "Shoot, this sure

is a long staircase!"

At that Chet slurs back, "Well, it ain’t the stairs that’re

botherin’ me so much as these stink’in low handrails."

2. Notice at the end of v. 28 that the end of this "debased mind" is "to do those things which are not fitting." (no conviene)

3. Verses 29-32 give us the out workings of such a debased mind. (All these things are along the line of shooting oneself in the foot!)


I. God does what He does for two reasons:

A. This is judgment. He’s mad! v. 18

B. This is potentially mercy. He drives us to Himself by letting us experience the fullness of our folly.

II. Anyone can experience these things, even believers, to some degree.

III. Only the gospel has the power needed to break these chains! (v. 16)

IV. Invitation to believe in Jesus.

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