Summary: The gospel ought to be "delicious" to the child of God. None of us ever stops needing to hear it, nor share it with others!

Outline for CBF AM May 3, 2009 Romans 1:8-15

Intro. Review & learning of the the gospel ought to be like eating.

- The gospel is for everyone!

I. Those, already in the family of God need to hear it, know it and review it, for their own good! 8-11

-Besides salvation (16-17) what benefits are their for speaking and hearing "these words?"

A."established", 11 - sthrizw "to strengthen, to be made firm, or stable."

1.One is strengthened by understanding the "nuts & bults" of life and relationship both with God and others.

2.One is strengthened by grace imparted through contact with the gospel.

B."encouraged ", v. 12- sumparakalew "to be comforted, to be cheered on"

- Without this constant input one will become unstable, insecure and discouraged! It’s so easy to forget!

II. We all need to share it for our own good! 12-15 "encouraged together"

A. There is something about "speaking those words!"

Illustration of those who kind of "levitate" in their seats when a preacher talks

about these basic truths.

Almost any true child of God will actually feel that lift!

B. Both studying & sharing the gospel can become an "addiction." (11, 13)

C. We have a debt to pay, 14-15


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