Summary: God’s grace, through Jesus Christ, by no means cheapens His righteous holy requirements. Rather, it shows just how demanding He is! There is NO HOPE for anyone fulfilling those requirements apart from Jesus. So, through Jesus and the Law, God has leveled

Outline for CBF August 2, 2009


I. Through Jesus the Father shows that His righteousness is in a class by itself! 22-23

A. It’s not just a “greater righteousness: it is “the only righteousness!” (take v. 21 together with vv. 19 & 20.)

TS. God’s righteousness is greater! Paul, here, tells us two striking ways that it’s greater:

First of all...

1. God’s righteousness considers that we are all in the exact same need. (There are no spiritual castes.) 23

TS. Secondly...

2. God’s righteousness is equally available to all! 22, 24

a. by grace, v. 24

b. through faith, v. 22

TS. This levels the “playing field,” so to speak.

TS.. v. 24 Note: we are justified “freely.” Yet God’s righteousness is not free.

II. Through Jesus, the Father demonstrates his uncompromising standard, 25-26.

A. It took the unthinkable to satisfy His justice!

B. Only Jesus’ propitiation could make sense of the O.T. System.

C. Only Jesus’ sacrifice shows God to be both just and loving, 26.

D. Through Jesus, the Father shows us His wonderful, determined love.

III. Through Jesus, the Father puts the O.T. Law into proper perspective, 27-31

A. Works righteousness is out, 27-28

B. Spiritual equality is in! 29-30

C.God’s age old dealings with mankind is made clear, 31


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