Summary: Man's reasoning and God's don't match up very well. Sinners, even very religious sinners, easily find fault with God, in how He deals with sin and righteousness. Our only hope for "making sense of it all" is to BELIEVE and accept EVERYTHING He says, rathe

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I. God's faithfulness doesn't depend upon our own, 1-4.

A. Stated in v. 3.

B. Applied in v. 4.

1. If God says something, that's it! He'll do it!

TS. Thinking of the Jews:

2.Even if you are somehow involved in His promises, you cannot thwart Him! 4

- Examples:

a. God's purpose for the Gentiles.

b. God's plan for the nation of Israel.

TS. In vv. 5-8, the question goes from innocent to resistant.

Explain the reasoning of this resistant Jew (religious person).

1.This person is religious, but not willing to accept Jesus and God's terms for righteousness.

2.This is the one who would condemn Gentiles (non-churched).

3.Their reasoning, first, makes it impossible for God to judge any sin, and then makes sin a desirable thing!(footnote)

II. Only the gospel (Christ) makes complete sense of God's faithfulness, 5-8.


1.The different aspects of God's Word can be hard for us to take at face value, ie. Righteousness, judgment, substitution & faith).

2.But the only way to make sense of Him and His Word, is to take them straight as He tells us about them, recognizing that Jesus Christ is the answer to those difficult knots! He brings us perfect righteousness & mercy by grace which is through faith in Him.

3. Presentation of the basic gospel of Jesus Christ. Invitation


An employee is fired by the owner of the company for stealing some of its funds. In anger, the employee burns down the plant. He is arrested and about to stand trial for his crime. The employee then hears that the owner had insured his business for one million dollars more than it was worth. The employer gains from the employee’s crime. And so the employee contacts the employer, expecting all charges to be dropped, and asks for a share of the “profits”! So too the Jewish sinner thinks he has done God a favor and expects God to drop all charges against him. For God to do otherwise, he proposes, would be unjust.

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