Summary: This text deals with the basic truth that, all through the history of the world, anyone who has ever been made right with God, has been justified by faith, not works. The beauty of this is that it opens up opportunity for ANYONE to be made right before Go

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Outline for CBF AM 8/9/09

Intro. Give example of two people in an argument, both confronted by an intermediary. What will both likely say? "But I...."

1. Review what justification means. (give example of justifying oneself)

2. What does it mean to seek justification through works?

3. Mention a "common view" of justification, I.e. That folk were justified by keeping the Mosaic law in the O.T. and later God changed the rules on account of Jesus.

4. This text especially corrects this idea.

T.S. Read vv. 1-3

A. O.T. greats like Abraham & David were justified by faith, not works!

1. Abraham was justified by faith, 1-3, 9-10

2. David was justified by faith, 6-8

a. See Psalm 32:1-21

b. David, a spiritual hero for Israel and much of the world, actually, would never had been able to stand, if judged by works. (Read Psalm 32:1-4)2

TS. So, in conclusion, the first point we should make this morning is:

I. "Justification by faith has always been God’s way.

II. What does this mean for us?

TS. Well, let’s look at the example of these two men.

1. David’s faith was in God’s lovingkindness & mercy.

2. Abraham’s faith was in God, and His faithfulness to keep His promise, (see Gen 15:4-6)

TS. So, the first principle we can take away is that:

A. The most basic issue has always been that of faith/trust in God and what He says.

1. The content has changed over time. (illustration of a continuum)

2. What is the necessary "content" today?

3. Can you believe God and not accept Jesus as your righteousness?

B. The dynamics of faith and works are completely incompatible, 4.

TS. And finally:

C. God designed it this way so everyone would be able to come to Him and be made right. 9-12

1. Not everyone has had the advantage of a solid religious training.

2. Not everyone comes around to seeking the Lord before they’ve made huge mistakes.

TS. But...

3. Anyone can trust God, through Jesus Christ, to fix all that needs fixing, so that they will be right before Him!

Conclusion/ invitation

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