Summary: There is no condemnation in those who live for Jesus Christ, but this freedom He provides is not a license to live lives riddled with sin.

Romans, Part 22

Romans 8:1-9


- Paul taught very clearly about identifying and battling sin; it was his mission

- He understood that we must know our enemy, and be able to stand against him

- He also understood that you and I were once bound by sin; but are no more

- Before we can enter the battle, we have to be prepared (war isn’t pretty)

- Before we can attack the enemy, we have to be ready (the nonsense is coming)

- Before we can win, we have to be saved (sanctified by & identified with Jesus)

- Read Romans 8:1-9 / Pray

Point 1 – There is no condemnation in Christ (1-2)

- These two verses are critical for believers to understand; spend majority of time

- Therefore; it ties in the previous few verses and continues the thought process

- Grace is God’s gift given to us – but it is only given through Jesus Christ

- Paul’s word choice is “ouden katakrima” = "not one condemnation" to them

- There isn’t even a single sentence that has been written negatively about those

- Interesting though, is Paul uses the word “now”; means there was once before

- He is speaking (present) that if you’re in Christ, there is nothing against you

- But, there are is more than just being one who confesses Jesus; a life challenge

- We must be ones who are constantly living and refining ourselves for Jesus

- He must be the one we owe everything to; the one we live totally for

- At the cross, we were given access to God because of what Jesus finished

- He opened the doors to bring the Holy Spirit into our lives; but there’s more

- We now no longer walk by the desires of our flesh; but are Spirit led

- Critical verse: Eph 4:30, “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

- When Paul writes to the church in Rome, it is for instruction on living

- In Ephesians, it is for instruction to be sure we live fully for the Spirit

-- When we don’t live fully devoted to Christ; we grieve the Spirit of God

- It is in this application that Paul writes, “… we are set free from the law of sin”

- If we are set free, then the things that bind us are no longer in control …

- Unless we choose to give them authority in our life

- This is the critical part for us to grasp:

-- There is no condemnation

-- There is no more regret and unevenness with God

-- Unless, we purposely live a life that invited these things into it

- Simply stated … if we live a life of sin; we need to get right with God – NOW

- TRANS: What kind of power does the Spirit have in life?

Point 2 – The law of the Spirit (3-4)

- The law was unable to bring us into a right relationship with God

- Even with the love God had for us, the only way to reconcile was Jesus

- We had to be given the ultimate sacrifice of a life so that we can be free

- This is where the Christian walk begins – and normally (sadly), ends

- We grasp this part, we get the salvation, and then life takes over

- This is where we have to battle against the flesh and stay focused on Christ

- In everyday situations, we have a chance to witness and show Jesus to all

- The Spirit of God commands that we not only live for Him, but bring others

- The Great Commission is given so that we would “go”, and speak, always

- The sinful nature rages against the Spirit and tells us we don’t need God

- But we must let loose the Spirit to take control over these desires

- Analogy: Maybe you remember the end of the movie Braveheart? William Wallace, the Scottish hero, is being tortured. The king wants him and his people to give into his power and rule. But Wallace suffers through it. He won’t give in. And the very last word that he shouts as he marshals all his strength is he lets out a loud cry of “FREEEEDOOOOM!” I have to believe that the directors of that movie must have had in mind Jesus doing the same thing from the cross. After the shedding of his blood, Jesus shouted out, “It is finished.” He could have shouted out “Freedom!” Freedom from our sins. Freedom from the guilt that they carry!

(Analogy written by Rev Peter Schmidt)

- TRANS: It is through the Spirit that we can live freely!

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