Summary: Turn to your neighbor and say ... Neighbor; nothing in life is free.

Room at the Table

Luke 14:15-23

In out text we read a parable that Jesus told his disciples about a Great Supper. Jesus talks about ... a Certain Man who had a great supper and invited many people in the town. I think that it is safe to assume that only a certain group of people or class was initially invited to this dinner.

In other words ... this was not an invitation for just anybody. I believe that the initial invitation went out to those whom this Certain Man of our text deemed to be a part of his family or at the very least his closes friends.

After the meal was prepared, he sent his servant out to round up all of the partygoers. The servant goes around knocking on doors informing them that the meal was ready ... now I don’t know about you, but I love to hear three words “Honey Dinner’s Ready”.

Now ... one would think that these invitees would be excited about attending this great supper. Besides, it was free for them.

Turn to your neighbor and say ... Neighbor; nothing in life is free.

Oh no ... you see, what may be free to you, cost someone else something (example of taking someone to dinner).

Trust me ... I’m going somewhere with this tonight. You see ... the certain man hosting the dinner covered the cost of the dinner and all they had to do was show up and on time, on the right day.

Oh yeah ... it would do you no good to be late to this great supper or get your dates mixed up and show up a day later. The party would be over.

I suppose that is why the certain man in the parable sent his servant out to tell them that the supper was ready. Which means to me that ... the He could have called them to dinner at anytime or on any day. You see ... they did not know the day or the hour, they were just supposed to be ready.

All these invitees had to do was be ready and simply attend. I don’t know about you but the best supper I ever had was the one that I did not have to slave over in a hot kitchen ... and most of all is FREE.

This meal cost them anything ... or did it [we will discuss the cost a little later] but bear with me if you will. Can you imagine ... you try to give somebody something that would change their life for free and out of their selfish desires and pride they refuse to accept it.

Think about it ... I would have been excited. You mean to tell me that I get to go to the biggest super of my life and it doesn’t cost me anything nor do I have to bring anything.

WOW! Let me say that again backwards ... WOW! This gives a whole new meaning of come, as you are ... count me in.

Those of you familiar with this passage of scripture know that was not the response for the invitees. Those invited instead of accepting the invitation started doing what most do today when asked to attend Church or invited to come see how Christian fellowship can make difference in their lives ... you guessed it, they start making all kinds of excuses as to why they could not attend.

Use your imagination if you will. Can you imagine that you are invited, not to a supper, but the greatest supper party ever? The party of all parties but instead of going you would rather go see a piece of land you just bought.

Well ... that was the excuse of the first respondent. He said that he just bought a piece of property off of EBAY. It is located in a city in Florida called Swapville; it’s about three miles south of Alligator City. You see little servant you don’t understand, I used all the money I had, oh how, I wanted this property so bad, I know that this is the biggest supper party that this town has ever had, but sorry, go tell you Master that I’m going to have to pass.

Watch this ... the other invitee wanted to be excused because he had just bought 5 oxen and wanted to put them to the test.

Whew – wee ... just think little servant, I’ll be able to plow my field 10 times faster that the Jones, besides I have 5 oxen and they only have 3, and I heard one of them wasn’t worth the salt used to buy him. You see ... little servant you don’t understand, I just bought five oxen, and I feel like TIM THE TOOL MAN TAYLOR, with all of this power. Go tell your Master thanks, but no thanks something more important has come up, I’m going to have to pass.

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Jonathan Anderson

commented on Jul 1, 2010

excellent message I found great encouragement from the text.

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