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Summary: There was no room for sinners in the Garden of Eden, nor on the Ark, and no room in the inn when Jesus was born, but if you have room in your heart for Jesus, He will make sure you get a room in His Father's house.

John 14 verses 1- 4


There are five references to ‘room’ in my Bible and all of them are in the NT,

and the word ‘space’ does not appear at all,

but we know from Genesis 3 that there was no room in Eden for sin.

Adam and Eve had everything going for them,

they literally had ‘the whole wide world, in their hands’;

no overpopulation, global warming, no crime, no war,

no pestilence, no famine, no unemployment, no bullying,

no mortgages, no crooked politicians, no Euro crisis,

and all they had to do was obey God’s one command:

not to eat of the fruit of one particular tree;

and even though that was basically a very small rule or law

when they had the whole of creation at their disposal,

it was too much, and they disobeyed, and ‘fell’ from grace.

In Galatians 6:7 we have the clear and eternal maxim:

‘A man (every man, and every woman) reaps what he sows’,

and Adam and Eve sowed disobedience,

so they reaped rejection,

because God cannot, will not, compromise with sin.

There was no room or space in Eden for sin,

so Adam and Eve were cast out

and we, as their descendents, should learn from their mistake,

and humbly repent of our sins and trespasses,

assured by 1st John 1 verse 9

that if, when, we do,

God is ‘faithful and just and will forgive our sins,

(all of them, no matter how big or how large,)

and purify us from all unrighteousness’.

Remember, while there was no room in Eden for sin

and God cannot abide sin;

remember also that Christ did not come for ‘the good’;

if He had, He would have found and save none;

as a doctor comes to heal the sick,

so He came, and He died, for sinners.

Have you any room for Jesus?

In Genesis 6 there was no room for sinners in the Ark.

People in those days did not have ‘The Law’

in the sense of the Ten Commandments;

Moses had not been born yet,

but they had the ‘Moral Law’ written on their hearts.

In Ecclesiastes 3 verse 11 we read these words,

God ‘has also set eternity in the hearts of men’,

which Commentaries take to mean every human being has a ‘God-shaped hole’

in their lives;

a deep inner need,

which people try to fill with money, or drink, or drugs, or possessions, or status,

but nothing other than God’s grace can fill;

nothing else can satisfy.

Noah’s ‘God-shaped hole’ was filled

and so he and his family were saved,

but all the others who populated this planet at that time were lost

because they did not have a relationship with the Living God.

There was no room for them on the Ark

and so they drowned.

Have you any room for Jesus?

If you had lived then,

would you have been in the Ark,

or in the water?

In Matthew and Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus

there was no room for Mary and Joseph.

Here we have the King of kings and Lord of lords,

who was worthy to be born in a palace,

having to be born in a stable (Luke 2 verse 7)

and after the Roman census was ended and accommodation was freed up,

his human parents could move into some sort of house (Matthew 2 verses 11)

in time for the visit of the Magi from the east.

But when Jesus was born,

there was no room for Him;

and when people celebrate Christmas today,

how many have room for Him,

as opposed to Santa Claus.

Room for a team of reindeers?

No problem,

but room for Someone Who could change my life?

No thank you.

In John’s Gospel chapter 8 we have a record of the time when Jesus spoke to some Jews gathered on the Mount of Olives.

Many believed in Him

but many did not, claiming they had no need to,

because they were ‘Abraham’s children’.

To them, Jesus said ‘you have no room for my word’,

and because of that he went on to say ‘you do not belong to God’ in v.47.

Many people today have ‘no room’ for Jesus or God’s word,

preferring their own ‘pick-and-mix’ religion or philosophy.

Someone said such people were like those who ‘changed seats on the Titanic’!

It did not matter where they sat, they were about to perish;

and it’s the same, unfortunately, for those who reject God’s way,

because all other ways lead to the same destination, ‘destruction’.

All the 4 Gospels report that there was no room on earth for Jesus.

If He had contented Himself to be a healer, or prophet, or moral teacher,

Jesus would probably have gained a large following

and had a long and happy life,

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