Summary: This message focuses on Rosa Parks

I. Todays message will focus on Rosa Parks. Before we go any further let us pray. Dear God thank you for this chance to learn about someone that went before us. God please let us realize that we can do anything with your help. Also, allow us to understand that we cannot do anything without your help. Reason being is because we are not strong enough to do it on our own. You oh, God on the other hand are strong enough to handle and do anything.

II. Rosa parks was born in 1913, this was not too long after segregation was becoming a major thing in Alabama. Alabama was the state in which Rosa Parks was born in. Rosa got married in 1932 and joined the NAACP in 1943. Rosa Parks fought for equal rights right along side with Martin Luther King Jr. In 1955 she was arrested for not giving up her sit to a white. Rosa Parks may have been born during a time when it was not very popular for African Americans but she still managed to dream for a better life. She did not do anything in volience rather she did it in peace. God did not say life would be easy always and he did not say we would not have battles. He did say however that he would not leave us. And Rosa Parks must have understood that because she always turned to God before she turned to volience.

III. God created you and I to be different people, this I cannot and will not disagree with. I can however tell you this God wants us to dream to be something great one day. God has brought people before us to be our role models. Our role models are there to show us that we can accomplish anything when we just put our mind to it. Now yes it will not be easy, and you may lose some friends along the way but always remember that God will not ever leave you! AMEN!

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