Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Exposition of John

Text: John 14:6, Title: Rubbing the World Wrong, Date/Place: NRBC, 5/5/13, AM

A. Opening illustration: Common thread among evangelicals in the 70’s,

B. Background to passage: Night that Christ was betrayed, following the foot washing, last supper, betrayal

C. Main thought: This is a main component of a biblical worldview

A. Scriptural Proof

1. Acts 4:12, Mark 16:15-16, John 3:18, 36, 10:9, 1 Tim 2:5, 1 John 2:23, 5:11-12, 2 John 1:9, Rev 20:15, Rom 10:13-14,

2. Authority of scripture goes along with inerrancy and infallibility

3. Illustration:

4. God cannot lie, cannot contradict Himself, confuse Himself, deny Himself, or be inconsistent

B. Cultural Rub

1. Truth is exclusive. Therefore it can’t be an issue of taste or tradition. Whatever is not true is false. Sincerity is not a test for truth, nor is experience. Exegesis vs. Eisgesis.

2. Postmodern culture is relativistic, pluralistic, and principle value of tolerance.

3. Illustration: “Truth and error cannot be combined to produce something beneficial…We can’t tell the world, ‘whatever you want to believe is fine,’ IT’S NOT FINE!...Our love for the truth demands an intolerance for error.” Article on intolerance

4. Application

C. Apologetic

1. Illogical for God to offer this as an alternative—sadist or a masochist. Non-contradiction- guy on the plane

2. Theological issues abound—include all of God’s character, sin barrier applies to all men

3. Illustration: “But God is not to be found atop a high peak or on an island in a vast sea or at the end of a long road. The problem with all of these analogies is that they imply that the only thing between God and ourselves is some kind of distance. In reality, however, the real problem we face is not that we have a long way to go to get to God but that between us and him there is an impenetrable barrier, one erected by our own efforts. The Bible calls the thing which has built this barrier sin which can be understood to be the absence of God’s own nature and character. Sin has consequences precisely because it is the opposite of God’s own nature. According to Scripture, the consequence of sin is death (Rom 6:23), which is perfectly understandable: God is the source of life. Sin is the act of living independent of God. Sin therefore results in death”

4. Application

D. Application

1. Must be grounded in this truth, because the world is constantly fighting against it.

2. We must be gentle, but firm with others about this truth


4. Share your faith, learn to share it, plan to share it, pray to share it

5. Support the propagation of the gospel

6. Structure your life to make means to do both of these things

A. Closing illustration: David Platt’s illustration about the “narrowness” of the one way—53:48-59:22 in the message “The Sufficiency of Christ”

B. Recap

C. Invitation to commitment

Additional Notes

● Is Christ Exalted, Magnified, Honored, and Glorified?

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