Summary: God still provides, even when we think there is no hope for us! What is it that you need Him to provide for you and where do you doubt His perfect ability? Ruth's life speaks to God's provision, will we trust Him to provide for us as well?

Ruth Meets Boaz

Ruth 2:1-17

- So far we’ve seen a very interesting story develop in Ruth

-- We know there was a great famine and so Elimelek has moved his family

-- While they were in Moab, 3 out of 4 people have died in this family

- Left without a future or hope, Naomi decides to return back home

-- But in this decision, she attempts to send her 2 D-I-L’s away

-- While Orpah decides to return home; Ruth chooses to stay with her

- Ruth makes three promises to Naomi:

-- Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay (Commitment)

-- Your people will be my people; your God will be my God (Public profession)

-- Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried (A promise to honor)

- Naomi however, is very bitter about what is happening to her

- There are a few certainties that we must address here for clarity:

-- She is certain there is a God; certain that God is sovereign, good, and holy

-- She is also certain that God is 100% against her and displeased with her

- Challenge: If God is so against her, then why has He brought her home?

-- Why has He provided for her all that she would need? (Food, shelter, etc.)

-- Why would He allow them to return to a land that is NOW being blessed?

- Let’s see where this story takes us today to encourage our hearts

- Read Ruth 2:1-7

∆ Point 1 – Introducing Boaz

- Enter Boaz into our story, a leader among men and an obvious land owner

-- His name doesn’t have a specific meaning; but lends to “in him is strength”

-- Re: As Ruth and Naomi arrive back home, it is barley harvest time

- The term “a man of standing” probably means that he had great influence

-- Money, possessions, land, etc. – he was someone with great respect in town

- What we have to remember is these are living during the of Judges

-- This time had great challenges for all involved and nothing was assumed

- Therefore, Ruth’s request (v2) was to be certain there’d be no issues

-- APP: You didn’t wander into someone’s fields and start taking leftovers

- Naomi knows that this was a risk for Ruth, but she allows it

-- Ruth’s submission to her is evident, and she shows even her great respect

-- APP: Imagine if we all treated people senior to us with such respect

-- This is exactly what Ruth does, and Naomi gives her permission

- The Bible really doesn’t give us insight as to why Naomi didn’t join her

-- It’s something to consider of course, “Why didn’t she go as well?”

-- Perhaps she was busy with domestic chores, or perhaps she was too old

-- Ruth sets out to harvest and in essence, gather food for them

- What is interesting, is look how lucky Ruth got on her first day of work

-- She happens on a field, gets granted permission to harvest without hassle!

-- IMP: This is not just luck that this has happened; God has allowed it

- It is impossible to not see God’s involvement here:

-- First, He causes a famine that sends this family elsewhere (enter Ruth)

-- Then, He brings this family back to where a harvest is happening

-- And then, He brings them to find work in a field owned by clan of Elimelek

-- KEY IMP: Sometimes we need to just look around to see God at work!

- When Boaz arrives, he greets those in the Lord and they respond in kind

-- Boaz offers this blessing as a man committed to following the Lord fully

-- Their response shows their commitment to work honestly for Boaz

-- APP: Note how none seem to argue with it, but respond and work on

- Then he sees her, doesn’t he? Perhaps this is downplayed a bit here …

-- “WHOA …. WHO IS THAT???” Is really the question he is asking!

- He realizes two things: First, she is obviously younger (v5)

-- Next, he inquires as to who she belongs (is she currently married)

-- Obviously he has some interest, but isn’t pursuing it directly with her

- His foreman (v6) only knows that she is with Naomi … but not who she is

-- However, she is a hard worker, has been working all day, and is good at it

-- Matter of fact, she has worked as much as the men, resting only once

- This alone has shown that she is worthy and should be allowed to continue

-- It also shows that she is respected by the other workers; given props for work

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