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Summary: Sometimes you got to be ruthlessly aggressive in what you want to do! Focus has to be sharp like the eyes of an eagle! Undivided attention!

Ruthlessly aggressive!

1 Samuel 17:29”But David said, "What have I done now? Was it not just a question?" 30 Then he turned away from him to another and said the same thing…”

Sometimes you got to be ruthlessly aggressive in what you want to do! Focus has to be sharp like the eyes of an eagle! Undivided attention! Don’t allow anyone to divert your attention, mark my words, brutal attack would come on you to sabotage your vision, caveat! I love the way shepherd boy David reacted, he said, ‘What have I done now’…..and then he gets back to action of enquiring the people about the rewards that would follow the victory. Can you see the traits of a ‘king’ in a shepherd boy? God saw that and chased David, yes, God chased David, later David chased God! God does not waste time on worthless things, He knew the treasure inside David, are you listening?

Coming back to the most important factor of ‘ruthless pursuit’ of your goal, David persistently kept running around the army and asking people again and again of what would be the rewards. Phew! That’s the go-getter spirit! Don’t allow yourself to be soft talked and thereby douse the fire of your vision; however tough, keep going for it. Look, despite the commotion in the camp, fear on all the faces of the army, despite the roaring noise of Goliath, the harsh words of his own brother who said, ‘I know your insolence and the wickedness of your heart’; yet, he did not allow himself to be offended by none of these, but concentrated on the work that he had put his foot into. Are you listening? Listen, the first arrow of the enemy would be from people who are very close to you, because the harsh words of loved ones tend to hurt and damage you deeply; nevertheless, put your army boots and march on friend. No turning back, no turning back.

If you are mocked, you should never say, ‘I wanted to do this music album for God but never would I do this after such criticism’ ; instead, if God is in the project, move on. When we had to relocate to Hyderabad, it was a mammoth turning point in our life with two grown up children and my daughter had just finished inter college. Imagine. I would be questioned on all sides with the same question, “did you hear God right? Did He precisely say Hyderabad? Are you sure?” After I got enough confirmation from God, I firmly and strongly answered everyone, ‘Yes, I heard from God and no matter what, we got to go.’ Such should be our determination. Namby-pamby, wishy-washy words will not be respected!

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