Summary: Ruth made choices you and I have to make choices

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Sermon Ruth’s Choice Ruth 1:16

The time about 1322 BC the place Bethlehem Judah. Circumstances Famine in the land

Elimelch, Naomi, Mahlon and Chilion go to sojourn in Moab. Elimelech dies – The sons marry and they too die after 10 yrs the 3 widows start to return to Bethlehem – Orpah leaves Ruth Cleaves

I. Her Condition

a. She was poor – for all we know all she has was what she wore but it is no disgrace to be honestly poor

b. She was a widow – No strong arm to lean upon

c. She was sad – Unlike she so may giddy, foolish young people of today

d. She was virtuous – she had what money could not buy

II. Her Position

a. The crisi hour had come

b. Before her Judah Bethlehem the true God Friends Etc

c. Behind her Moab, with her idols, sins

III. Her Decision

a. Prompt

b. Personal

c. Firm – Not ignorant stubbornness but intelligent firmness

d. Final – Farewell moab, mother, orpah

IV. Her Devotion

a. It was spontaneous; no urging needed to leave her early associations, friendships, religion

b. It was supreme Thy God my God

c. It was fervent Entreat me no Let me go pray give serve

d. It was constant “steadfastly minded”

i. The cost had been counted

ii. The mind made up

iii. The heart fixed

V. Her Promotion

a. After all her trials and hardships she finds

i. A Husband

ii. A Home

iii. Happiness

iv. Honor Matthew 1:5

v. Heaven

Lost make a decision

What shall it be Life or death

Heaven or Hell

Christ or Satan

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