Summary: This is the final part of the series and focuses on being a vessel of honor.

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Sacrifices Part 6 Conclusion: You Are A Vessel Of Honor

Scriptures: Romans 12:1; 2 Timothy 2:1-21; Jeremiah 2:13


As I sat working on this message, my mind kept reflecting on my first cousin who died on Friday. My first cousin was younger than me and the last time that I saw him was when we buried my father. My heart is heavy because I am unsure of his salvation as he seldom went to Church and his lifestyle was not that of a Christian. Throughout his life, the vessel that God gave him was abused and the life he lived was not one focused on living for Christ. I want to be able to know that he was saved, but only God knows now. Our lives are special to God and should not be wasted with our living any way we choose. When we understand that we are vessels of honor and that our bodies should be treated as a living sacrifice, how we view our actions will change. His life is over, but there is still time for us.

This message will be the conclusion of this series on sacrifices. This morning I want to share with you that as a Christian we are called to be both a living sacrifice and a vessel of honor. The whole purpose of this series was to bring us to the point of deciding if we are truly making sacrifices for God in our daily lives and if we are taking the vessel that He has honored and bringing dishonor upon it. This morning we are going to talk about being a living sacrifice and a vessel of honor versus one of dishonor.

Romans 12:1 records the following: “Therefore I urge you brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” In the Old Testament, whenever someone presented a sacrifice, it had to meet God’s specifications. For example, one requirement was that the animal had to be without blemish. It was the responsibility of the presenter to ensure that the sacrifice met God’s standards. In the verse we just read, Paul states that we should present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice. This means that we must choose to sacrifice our bodies to God and that this sacrifice must conform to God’s “requirement.” This sacrificial offering of ourselves becomes our spiritual service of worship. The two things I want you to take away from this verse is this – our bodies (physical, mental and spiritual) belongs to us and therefore it is up to us to present it to God. The second thing is that we cannot present just anything to Him; we must find out what His requirements are and make the decision to get the sacrifice in order (spiritually and mentally) and then present it. The allowances (shortcuts to fully serving God) that we make in this life as it pertains to our Christianity demonstrate our level of sacrifice. I believe that when we understand the difference between a vessel of honor and one of dishonor we can begin to see just how special we are. When we understand just how special we are, we find the strength through the Holy Spirit to make the changes we need to make. So let’s begin with the vessel of honor.

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