Summary: In order to receive the promises of God, we must be in the correct position to not only see the promises as blessings, but to receive them for the benefit of those we disciple.

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All the promises of God (in Jesus) are yes and (in Jesus), are amen.

What God is about to do for you, He's already approved. This season is not for you to continue praying and asking God about the same things...His answer is already, "yes."

Lord, can I...yes.

Lord, is it possible...yes.

Lord, will there be provision...yes.

Lord, in You, can I make it happen...yes!

If God promised it to you, know that there's a "yes," and an "amen" that has signed, sealed, and delivered that promise to you.

Now, look at your neighbor and say:

"Neighbor, I've got a new wobble for my new year."

"Neighbor, I've got a new wobble for my new season."

"Neighbor, I've got a new wobble for my new life."

In the world of boxing, or any contact sport for that matter, or even a good fight, you know that after a period of getting hit, and being hit hard enough for long enough, the person might begin to wobble. If the person is hit in the stomach, or gets a roundhouse to the back, he might start to wobble from the blow. If he's hit in the mouth or in the face, or beside the head hard enough, he will begin to wobble. Sometimes in these matters, a person will get hit so hard that he should be knocked down, but he doesn't...he just wobbles.

I don't know what blows anyone sustained last year, or how many hits they took to the chin, chest, or head, but praise be to God that instead of being knocked out, or knocked just wobbled. For you are like a tree planted by the may bend, but you won't break. Why?

For you have been made to stand; for God is able to make you stand.

In 2014, saints of God are going to wobble into their futures...wobble into their destinies...wobble into their gardens and reap a harvest of blessings. Why?

Because even though we wobbled, we didn't fall down.

Is there anyone here who has desired something of the Lord and because it did not come when you thought it ought to, when you wanted it to come, when you believed you were ready to receive it, you have begun to wobble? Is there anyone here looking around and wondering,

"If I am really following God's will for my life, why is my promise taking so long to manifest?"

That's one of the problems with saints, we believe that we are supposed to get things immediately because we went to a conference and someone told us to name it and claim it, declare it and decree it, grab it and nab it, pursue it and subdue it. The problem is, that's the only thing you heard. But, did you hear the preacher talk to you about relationship? Did you hear him talk to you about reading the Word of God? Did you hear the instruction for the application of God's Word? See, the problem with euphemisms is, they all need something to come before it before they can be manifested. You can't pursue something sitting at the computer on Facebook. You can't subdue something unless you reach out and grab it. You can't declare what you don't have. And, you certainly can't name something that you don't have knowledge of. Am I talking to anyone tonight?

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