Summary: Salvation Is of God and God alone.

Salvation Is All of God

Paul writes to the believers at Phillippi for their help In his hour of need. He Took the time to send along some instructions about Christian unity. Only in Christ are there real unity and joy possible. With Christ as your model of Humility and Service, you can enjoy oneness of purpose, attitude, goal, and labor. Fellow workers in the Phillipian Church are experiencing a great argument amongst themselves and are hindering the work of the church.

Behavior will follow you wherever you go if you are not willing to grow:


The very people to whom Paul thought so highly were the same people in time past trying to persecute him and Silas.

Paul Was:

1) Mistreated - Treated Unfairly

2) Scourged - Beat

3) Placed in Stocks - An Instrument of punishment - A wooden frame in which the feet, hand and neck of a person were fastened that the body was held in on particular position.

Job13:15 Says

Though he slay me yet will I trust In him; but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

Love Compels Paul to Remember Them

1) With Thanks

2) With Joy

3) With Prayer

Remember Them:

Simply suggests that he remembers them not from their past condition but rather their present position, he remembers their spiritual connection to him because they were responsible for him getting to where he was In God. (Haters) Your enemies should be unto you as a scouring pad is unto a pot, it’s objective is to agitate the substance to the point it will gleam which means to shine brightly.

So we can continue to fight what we don’t like or who we don’t like and God will continue to promote them and demote you. Because we only fight what we don’t understand.

We want a puppet not a father - Puppet - A person under the control of another.

The Job Of a Father:

1) Security - Guarantee Safety

2) Identity - Sameness or Likeness

3) Affirmation - Confirmation or Ratification of the truth

We Say “Love Covers a multitude of faults”.

If that be so, Love will compel us to see past the faults you see and don’t see of others because we have many faults of your own

Jesus was on his way to purpose and he never took the time to worry about himself but rather go forward with his mission to leave an inheritance for the world. Giving us a right to the tree of life

Paul says Being Confident

1) Fully Persuaded

2) Firmly Persuaded

3) Convinced

About there salvation or their security

That he begun a good work in you:

1) A Work of God

2) A Work of the Lord

3) A Work that was begun by God and not our Will

What God begins, He will finish

I Sam 3:12 Says: In that day I will perform against Eli all things which I have spoken concerning his house: when I begin, I will also make an end.

Good Work

Past - The good work has its initiation in regeneration = Spiritual rebirth caused supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.

Present - Has its continuation in sanctification = Act, process, or experience of consecration and purification by which a person is made holy and acceptable to God through the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit.

Future - Will have its consummation in glorification = Perfect conformity of the believer to the image of Jesus Christ at the final resurrection.

In the

1) Past there was God’s unchangeable purpose; I

2) Present there is God’s unlimited power;

3) Future there is God’s unbreakable promise.

This is God’s guarantee for the final preservation and perseverance of the saints.

Salvation is all of God.

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