Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We all make bad decisions. Samson was the worst. We can certainly learn how he made bad decisions and maybe change the way we live.

How to make Bad Decisions

Judges 13-16

The Smartest Teenager in the World

One fine day four people were flying in a small, four-passenger plane: a pilot, a minister, and two teenagers, one of whom had just won an award for being the “Smartest Teenager in the World.”

As they were flying along, the pilot turned to the three passengers and said, “I’ve got some bad news, and I’ve got some worse news. The bad news is, we’re out of gas. The plane’s going down and we’re gonna crash. The worse news is, I only have three parachutes on board.

This meant, of course, that someone would have to go down with the plane.

The pilot continued. “I have a wife and three children at home. I have many responsibilities. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to take one of the parachutes.” With that, he grabbed one of the chutes and jumped out of the plane.

The Smartest Teenager in the World was next to speak. “I’m the Smartest Teenager in the World,” he said. “I might be the one who comes up with a cure for cancer or AIDS or solves the world’s economic problems. Everyone is counting on me!” The Smartest Teenager in the World grabbed the second parachute and jumped.

The minister then spoke up and said, “Son, you take the last parachute. I’ve made my peace with God, and I’m willing to go down with the plane. Now take the last parachute and go.”

“Relax, reverend,” said the other teenager. “The Smartest Teenager in the World just jumped out of the plane with my knapsack.”

I. Background

A. His Parents

i. Father is Manoah from the tribe of Dan

ii. Nothing is really known about his mother

B. Israel is under the control of the Philistines

i. They are the arch enemy of Israel

ii. The had been fighting for many years

C. An Angel told Samson’s parents that he would be a Nazarite

i. He was never to cut his hair

ii. He was to remain pure

D. Imagine Samson’s life

i. He got whatever he wanted

ii. He was spoiled

II. Samson was chosen by God to be different

A. God wants us to live a separate life from the world

B. God has a special purpose for our life

III. Samson’s Bad Decisions

A. He choose to give up his purity – 2 Timothy 19:22

i. Purity is a choice

ii. Flee – to run, escape

B. He had an ego – Proverbs 16:18

i. His revenge caused pain on others

a) He wife and her family

b) His life

ii. His bragging caused his fall

C. He hung out with the wrong crowd

i. They didn’t care about him

ii. They just wanted to bring him down

Final Thought: No power on earth or under earth can make a man do wrong without his consent.

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