Summary: The are many characters in the Bible whose name is not even mentioned, but they are there for a reason, and we can still learn from their lives.

Little Known Characters #2 – Samson’s Mum

2nd March 2008 am

Who can tell me who Samson’s mother was? There are many characters in the Bible whose name is not even mentioned. However, we have already seen that there are no mistakes in the Bible and even though their name is not mentioned, their lives are still a testimony and example to us.

Judges 13:1-25

Mothers have always faced difficulties and felt the pain of their children. They worry and panic, not only of what has happened, but also of what they imagine could possibly happen.

Have you ever wished that your children had come complete with instructions? When Jo was having Hannah, we spent weeks and weeks in Antenatal classes where they told you what to expect (liars) However when we got Hannah out of hospital, we were on our own, with this little baby as our responsibility – what do you do with them????

If they did come with an instruction book there would be a whole chapter just to deal with the things that they stick in their noses! Everyone thinks they know all about parenting, until they have children. Actually, though, in the case of Samson’s parents, he did come with instructions.

Much has happened in the lives of God’s people after their conquest of Canaan. They have been on a “roller coaster” in terms of their relationship with God. They do evil in the sight of the Lord, God punishes them by delivering them into the hands of an enemy, they beg for a deliverer, and God’s sends one in the form of a judge.

Samson was one of the last judges to appear in Israel, judging after Abdon. While gifted with extraordinary physical strength, Samson was morally and spiritually weak. His fight with the Philistines, who dominated the Israelites in his lifetime, was rooted in personal animosity rather than a passion to free his people. While Samson killed many Philistines during his lifetime, he never won freedom from oppression for his people.

You’ve heard the saying, “I blame the parents,” but it is clear from the story in Judges that Samson’s flaws were his own and cannot be traced back to worldly and godless living on his parents part. Both parents are portrayed as godly and good people who did their best to respond to God and give their son guidance.

I believe it’s Samson’s mother who was the more level headed and perhaps strongest, spiritually in the family. It is from her that I hope we can gain some important lessons.

Verses 1-2.

Manoah and family were Danites (from the tribe of Dan) living in Zorah—a city of Dan which was about 13 miles west of Jerusalem, on the border of Judah. Manoah’s wife was barren and had borne no children. We are not told if she couldn’t have children, or if they were just waiting. It wasn’t customary to put off child birth, hence I would suspect she couldn’t have children. She obviously has been selected by God to carry out His will.

There are many things that we can learn from the life of Samson’s mum:

I. Be Ready To Serve – Verse 3

Notice that the angel didn’t appear to Manoah, rather to his wife directly. Why? I believe Manoah’s wife was stronger spiritually than Manoah himself. Notice after telling her husband of her angelic encounter that he asks for the angel to come back and give them further instructions (vs. 8).

Honoring Manoah’s request, the angel is sent back, but to whom does it appear? The wife (vs. 9)!

What’s the point? I believe these brief Biblical facts teach us something of Manoah’s wife’s spiritual character. I believe she was a Godly, obedient, spiritual women who stood ready to serve God when ever the call came.

Would God have chosen a women with any less character to do His will in this situation? I don’t think so. Would God have chosen a women who was weak spiritually to raise this “deliverer” of Israel? I don’t think so.

What about us today? Should we stand ready to serve God? Most definitely! Of course, we shouldn’t expect a visit from an angel with a similar message, but we have opportunities daily to serve God in many ways. Paul told the Ephesians to, “redeem the time” Ephesians 5:16, that is make the most of every opportunity. How are some ways we stand ready to serve God?

a. We have to be strong spiritually!

Manoah and his wife were very different than most of the people they knew

This was a time of spiritual compromise, but these people were servants of God and took their relationship with Him seriously

Do you think God opens as many doors of opportunity for a spiritually weak person?

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