Summary: Sanctification as a daily undertaking.

When we begin the Sanctification Process the Holy Spirit "enables" us to overcome temptation, and to grow in grace on a daily basis. The Church of the Nazarene even goes so far, and I think rightly so, to say that "the grace of entire sanctification includes the "impulse" to grow in grace. This can happen because we are no longer in the bondage of sin. Now that I am not a "slave" to sin, I use this new freedom and "learn" to be Holy.

For those who claim to be sanctified you made a promise, a commitment to God, that you would give yourself over to the Holy Spirit in order to become Holy, and to become Holy requires work on your part each and every day for the rest of your life, and in fact, should have the "impulse" to do so!

Listen to what Easton’s Dictionary says about Sanctification:

"Sanctification involves more than a mere moral reformation of character, brought about by the power of the truth: it is the work of the Holy Spirit bringing the whole nature more and more under the influences of the new gracious principles implanted in the soul in regeneration".

He continues, "In other words, sanctification is the carrying on to perfection the work begun in regeneration, and it extends to the whole man. It is the special office of the Holy Spirit in the plan of redemption to carry this out. Faith is instrumental in securing sanctification, inasmuch as it (1) secures union to Christ, and (2) brings the believer into living contact with the truth, whereby he is led to yield obedience "to the commands, trembling at the threatenings, and embracing the promises of God for this life and that which is to come."

I was saved in 1970 when I ask Jesus into my heart and asked Him to forgive me of my sins. That salvation provided a way or means for me to reach Heaven, but that saving grace did not guarantee me a place at the supper table of our Lord. My salvation experience did not end when I was justified, nor should it have. But even my sanctification experience in November 1998 did NOT guarantee me a place in Heaven. The two acts of Grace TOGETHER do not guarantee me a place in Heaven. But they are vital to a lifelong journey towards Holiness.

Being Saved and Sanctified are not guarantees of a place in Heaven, but with them you are "enabled and empowered" to avail yourself to all of God’s Grace, Mercy and Power to be victorious over temptations until the end of your life. It is a lifelong journey towards.

There should be growth from the day we commitment our lives to Jesus Chris until the day we go to meet Him! "Sanctification"…it is giving up of oneself to God completely…you die to self! You give up your own desires and lusts. You become a tool of God". Your desires are buried. Your focus shifts to "higher things"…God’s things, Heavenly things, things of Eternity, things of lasting value.

Be careful with what "Saved" means to you. Make sure you understand you can loose your salvation. I can be drowning in a lake today and you pull me to shore and save me. But that is no guarantee that I will not fall in the lake tomorrow and drowned. We have been given a precious gift…a treasure if you will, the Holy Spirit. When we receive the Holy Spirit, His only purpose is to guide and direct us in order to make us Holy in God’s eyes.

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Jeff Draves

commented on Jul 14, 2007

Here we go..... I find it hard to believe that once you have accepted Jesus as savior, you can cancel out the very price He paid for you through sinning. The Gift is always and Forever...

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