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Summary: We all experience scriptural sanctification and spiritual storms. Sanctification is being set apart for God's service and growing in grace.


1 Peter 1:1-9

Our conversations show what is important to us. We all experience scriptural sanctification and spiritual storms. Sanctification is being set apart for God's service and growing in grace. What dominates our speech as we assemble for worship? Do we grumble about suffering storms, or glory in God's saving, sanctifying grace? Our text recommends a prescription for grumbling. It relates to "Sanctifying Storms" and has two major descriptions.


A. His Description Includes Experiences. (v.1a)

"Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ." He does not use "Simon," nor "the apostle” in his introduction.

B. His Description Includes Explanation. (v.1b)

Those who experience "Sanctifying Storms" can effectively explain them to others.

1) The believer’s life can bring storms. "To the strangers."

2) The believer’s location can bring storms. Being "strangers" and "scattered" brings spiritual storms.


A. Storms Create Glorying in God's Grace (2-5).

Usually, we glory in the positions, possessions, powers, or persons that strengthen us during storms. Peter spends little time describing and glorying in God's grace that permits storms to produce Christian's sanctification. His explanation includes two major scripturally, sufficient, satisfying, and stabilizing truths:

1) It renews appreciation of Christian regeneration. (v.2)

"Regeneration" is "forming, creating again, being spiritually reborn." Storms can help renew appreciation and glorifying sanctification in two ways:

a) It magnifies salvation by grace.

Elect according the foreknowledge of God the Father,"

b) It magnifies sanctification by grace. "Through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied."

2) It renews appreciation of Christ's resurrection (3-5).

Christians do not adequately appreciate regeneration by God's grace. This results from not adequately applying glorious truths relating to redemption through Christ's resurrection. In verses 3-5 Peter describes three truths relating to sanctifying storms and Christ's resurrection:

a) It is the grounds of the Christian's salvation. (v.3)

b) It is the grounds of the Christian's sufficiency. (v.4)

c) It is the grounds of the Christian's security. (v.5)

B. Storms Create Growing in God's Grace. (v.6-9)

"Sanctifying Storms" result from glorying and growing in God's grace.

1) Sanctifying Storms can bring testings. (v.6-7)

This description of "Sanctifying Storms" and testings came from personal experiences.

a) Peter describes the need for testing. (v.6)

b) Peter describes the nature of testing. (v.7)

2) Sanctifying Storms can bring triumph. (v.8-9)

Peter preached and practiced positive scriptural sanctification in two major ways:

a) It brings ultimate rejoicing. (v.8)

b) It brings ultimate revelation. (v.9)

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