Summary: Sermon used for Sanctity for Life Sunday 2013

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January is

Sanctity for Human Life Month

Today is Sanctity for Human Life Sunday

The Roe V Wade Decision was made on January 22, 1973– creating a women’s constitutional right to have an abortion.

For 40 years our nation has been divided on the Subject.

• Very Decisive Issue

• Political Issue

• I believe a moral issue



U.S. Abortion Statistics By Year (1973-Current)

National Right to Life Committee, 2012

National Right to Life Factsheet, January 2012

NOTE: These numbers excludes NH, CA, and at least one other state

• That statistic is a year old, so adding another year to the totals we are very close to 56 million babies aborted in the United States in the last 40 years or an average of almost 3700 per day.

• With that in mind I think it is very fitting that we set aside a Sunday in our churches to:

• Remember those babies that have been aborted

• To honor and protect the lives of our unborn now

• To offer HOPE to families and individuals who have been touched by abortion and not to fail to sound the message that mothers who have had abortions can be forgiven and start a new life in Jesus Christ.

TRANSITION STATEMENT: In the Bible there where evil leaders who orchestrated organized massacre of children.

First I want to call your attention to Matthew chapter 2.

• It is Matthew’s account of what happen after Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

• Matthew doesn’t mention the Shepherds but he does give detailed account of the Magi who came from the East to worship Him that had been born King of the Jews.

• Herod the king was troubled and all of Jerusalem with him and he made 2 attempts to get rid of Jesus.

• He thought he would trick the Magi in to finding Jesus and pretending that he would worship he would slay Him. However, that attempt failed because God knew Herod’s heart has He knows all hearts.

• When Herod saw that He was deceived by the wise men, became angry and he put to death all the male children who were born in Bethlehem and its districts from 2 years old and under and there was weeping and great mourning.

Going back about 1400 years earlier in scripture there was another massacre of the innocent. Recorded for us in Exodus 1, and Exodus 1 is my text this morning.


• The children of Israel have been living in Egypt about 400 years.

• Joseph came first as a slave with God’s hand upon his life.

• Jacob came with his family of 70

• Now Joseph, Jacob, and all of the family including the King of Egypt has died and the children of Israel have grown to over 2 million people and the new King is fearful of them.

• As a birth control of preventing male sons to be born to the Israelites he instructed the midwives to kill every Jewish son as they were being born.


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