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Heb. 8:1, 9:1, 9:2 13:2


MY STUDY OF THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD PROVOKED MY STUDY OF THIS SUBJECT. No Reference in any commentary about them or what they might be. There is no way to interpret scripture other than to realize that it is written by a Jew to a Jew which means the idioms and examples must be interpreted that way.


1. Established by God.

2. God (or Christ) roamed there before the fall.

3. Only Priest covered by light was allowed (Adam’s Garment?)

4. Communication was with God (Altar of Prayer in Tabernacle?)

5. Satan had access as he did in Job and concerning Peter.

6. The Fall of Man (Obviously know by God) resulted in the War of the World as we are faced with today.

7. The Garden was NOT removed but the Sanctuary was!

8. It was made for man!

The Hardest item to deal with was the question of Eden. What was it and why did God plant it in the middle of the domain of Satan? Most of the worlds scripture not Jewish or Christian have a form of Eden. As they do for the flood and creation. This concept is universal in nature and fact.

Satan had access but could do no physical harm to Adam, Eve or any thing in the Garden. His restriction was related to deception and ego as he had demonstrated by his rebellion. The holiness of that place is still with us today. It has had different forms over centuries and will ultimately become the future planet earth with the present of God himself and his holy seat at demonstrated by the Ark of the Covenant.

When Adam and Eve sinned they were forced out of the garden with the covering of sin provided by God. IT DID NO RESOLVE THE SIN ONLY COVERED IT AS THE OLD TESTAMENT TABERNACLE DID WITH THE BLOOD SACRIFICES.

People who insist in living in Sin as a convert should face the same exclusion that the man in 1st Corinthians. Faced living with his fathers wife. Sin only separates and a Garden of Eden that tolerates sin will lose the present of the spirit of God. The phrase “hinder the spirit” comes from what happen in the original garden. Sin in the leadership is assurance that you can not function and sin not confronted will only grow.

Will you live in the garden with God or will you live without him?

Here is the book of Hebrews that describes the use of the Sanctuary which is a part of the Old Testament Tabernacle who could only be visited by the Priest of God for all reasons.

It is called the Sanctuary who we refer to as the meeting place of the Church of God. That is us.

This indicates something that we all need to be award of about what this entire means to us and how we are to deal with the things of God. This Sanctuary is cleared


a. The place where God meets man and Satan has no authority what so ever and can only harm us if we allow it to occur when we listen to what he says.

b. In the Church He has no power. He can only hide and deceive and seek to divide.

c. The Church has and is the Garden of Eden for our day.

d. It is our Sanctuary of protection.

e. This Church we speak of is the Universal Church of Christ Spiritual in nature and has no bearing on the physical plant.

f. Point where 2 or 3 are gathered together there is the Spirit of God providing us with the promise of the Church-bomb proof.


a. In the Bible there has always existed and Eden in the mist of Satan domain.

b. In the Old Testament it included, People, Nations, Cities and Religious strongholds.

c. The second Eden was clearly the linage of the Messiah.

d. The best example is to look at the lives of the people choose by God to carry the seed of the Messiah from the beginning.

e. Nothing by good and success followed where ever they were.

f. Consider Jacob, Joseph or Isaiah to say nothing about Abraham.

g. It is the training ground where our Commanding General gives us general direction (God) and our field General the Holy Spirit oversees the day to day battle based on God.

h. It is our rest area when we suffer battle fatigue and need spiritual attention. That is why Jesus said do not forsake the gathering of your selves together as is the practice of some.


a. How many are sealed by God? For what purpose> No harm can come to them during this time.

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