Summary: This sermon today will be about Sarah

Good afternoon brothers and sisters,

Today we will be discussing the woman named Sarah in the bible. Yes, Sarah was one of the most famous women in the bible. Sarah was just like you and I to some degree. We can all find ourselves in Sarah' life story. On the outside we would all assume that Sarah was happy and content with the things that she had.

Sarah was a woman that had wealth, which meant that she had money. She also had beauty, so we can assume that she was happy about being blessed with beauty. Next, Sarah was also blessed to have a husband, which most women even today want most in life. When you are a little girl you dream of that one day when you will have a husband. Sarah however was missing one thing, she wanted a child.

Even though Sarah had all of these many things she still wanted to be blessed with a child. Her husband Abraham was promised by God to be the father of a great nation. Sarah could not see how this could be possible if she did not have any children.

Sarah would ask Hagar her servant to sleep with her husband Abraham, so that he could have a child. Sarah must have believed that if she gave Abraham a child by Hagar that he would become a father of a great nation. Hagar would grant Abraham a child, and Sarah would react. She mistreated Hagar and her son, and would send them both away into the desert.

Sarah and Abraham would be blessed with a child one day. They had a child in their old age, even though they both believed that it was not possible. They even laughed at God when God told them that this would happen. They laughed because they did not believe that it was possible.

We can learn this from Sarah and Abraham, God knows the desires of our heart. God will grant them when they are in line with his word, and when the time is right. Just remember that our time is not God' time. If you are still alive then there is still time to recieve the blessing, called the disire or desires of your heart. AMEN!

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