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Summary: Very little is preached on today about Satan and His Demons. If Jesus took them serious, so should we.

Satan and his Demons

I remember a few years back when I was a pastor at a church in a county just a few miles from here. God allowed us the privilege of extending his ministry through the radio. One thing that was prevalent whenever we ministered about Satan or Demons, I would always get calls or letters for tapes concerning these subjects. As I recall then and I look back now, I wonder two possible things. Was the Church of Jesus Christ not preaching on these things, or for some reason was there a genuine interest in these subjects. I will briefly touch on these areas. I am no great authority on Satan or Demons, but I must admit without a shadow of a doubt that they are as real as life itself. I don’t believe it would take someone with great intelligence to realize that every time we pick up a newspaper we find that there is sufficient evidence to back up the evils at work in this world. Some people even ministers of the Word claim that demons no longer exist, how very foolish. I must admit that many things we encounter in the world have been brought about by man and our own doings. But to the majority, Satan and Demons have done their part in destroying what they can. Strange as it may seem, the devil himself is an angel. It is difficult for us to think of the devil as being an angel, but the Bible teaches that evil angels do exist. Satan, an angel being created holy but who sinned by choice. The Bible seems to indicate that pride was the downfall of the devil. Satan was hurled to the earth and the world has never been the same. He roams the earth seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5: 8). Today Satan masquerades as an angel of light, using his strong demonic powers to destroy whatever and whomever he can. Now as I quickly approach demons, I can find no substantial scripture that assumes that they derived from fallen angels. Then what are demons? Demons, I must assume are unclean spirits, the spirits of the wicked dead. We find in Matthew 12:43 that Jesus said, “When the evil spirit comes out of a man it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it”. Later in the scripture Jesus indicated that the spirit goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself and they go in and live there. So it appears that there is degrees of wickedness among demons with Satan being the worst. In (Mat. 12:24), Satan is referred to as “prince of demons”. Demons are evil and malicious and under Satans authority. Demons can and often do dwell in the bodies of unbelievers, they can cause physical illiness in the human body. They are the primary source behind many things going on in the world today such as drugs, violence, pornography, witchcraft, illicit sex, murder, child abuse, parents killing children, children killing parents, and spouse killing spouse. Demons have invaded the dark demented world of rock music when their songs herald the prince of darkness, Satan. We find that even children’s cartoons on television are influenced by evil, and that children’s minds are influenced by the evil nature of the toys that they play with.

I could go on and on about the effects that Satan and his demons have on our ever day life. But we must come to the realization that Satan and his demons are real, not because I say so, but because the Word of God backs it up. If Jesus Christ the Son of God took demons seriously than so must we all. Demons are mentioned in over half of the New Testament books.

I have personally witnessed people that were demon possessed.

What causes a person of average nature and intelligence to take a gun and kill person after person in public places and business and then turn the gun on themselves and take their own life? Can most of the world be crazy? Evil spirits will be more active in the last days of this age and we need to be able to recognize what it is doing to the world and our own lives. Anything that is connected with the world of demons should be avoided!

I love to talk or write about the good or positive things of the world that God has given us, but just sometimes we have to tell the rest of the story and that’s not a pleasant task. We must place our trust in God, he has the power and authority over all things, good and bad.

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