Summary: Alcohol was always the center piece of the partying crowd and the money maker for the club owner. Drugs escalated through the 70’s and 80’s bringing with them some really bad stuff for the serious party goers to get hung on like cocaine, crack, heroin,

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Satan doesn’t destroy you all at once, its little by little.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we

wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this

world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

As a lot of you know I was in entertainment business for most of my life. It was in 1964 age of 15 I first got my taste of

preforming before an audience. It was just plain fun then didn’t see much alcohol or drugs and if we did we stayed clear. As

years went by there were larger places to play, different guys to perform with, different music that drew a different clientele

of people in the night club scene. Alcohol was always the center piece of the partying crowd and the money maker for the

club owner. Drugs escalated through the 70’s and 80’s bringing with them some really bad stuff for the serious party goers

to get hung on like cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana and other junk to take some from the reality of life’s problems to a

since of getting away from life’s bumps in the road but, in the end for some would be destruction.

Those drugs have been around for years but, little by little they came to the surface. I never did drugs but, I did drink

alcohol on occasion and not proud of that. But, I saw what drugs did to my friends and many families, to business owners,

to some really hard working people that just wanted to go out and have a good time but, for some it ended up being a

nightmare with broken homes, losing their jobs and health problems for a life time. How does that happen? It’s little by

little. It’s compromising the morale way of life to rebellion, to a since of freedom to do as you please because you work

hard and deserve it but in fact you getting caught in a trap little by little.

I have a friend that once was the owner of the biggest club in the area in the early 80’s and that’s how I got into the

production business. His goal was to have the most famous night club in the area and my goal was to start a sound and

lighting company and move from being a performer to behind the scenes of putting on shows with the country and rock

stars by providing booking, stage management and equipment. My friend and I worked together for several years. I

succeeded and continued and grew until God call me out because of His plans for me so, I sold the company in the mid

90’s. Happiness day of my life when I gave it all to Jesus!

My friend also succeeded and was well known not only in this area but, most of the eastern part of the USA. But, success

got my friend so I left and joined forces with another company. He lost his business, his wife because of cocaine addiction.

Thousands of dollars each week for a few minutes of being high and getting away from the reality of life and its pressures.

We still stay in touch to this day but, he is confined to a wheel chair, most of his body is paralyzed because of strokes and

other health problems. He gave his life to the Lord a few years ago and now has his testimony to share with others. He will

be the first to tell you that he didn’t get hooked on cocaine overnight. How did that happen? Little by little as he was drawn

in by its power. Drugs have power? Yes, they certainly do.

Maybe you never thought of this, but you should know that drug use opens you up to spiritual attack. Some Indians used to

use peyote or a type of cactus plant and other "natural" substances to get high so that they could speak to their spiritual

guides. I can tell you right now that those "guides" weren’t angels of God; they were Satan’s devils. Satan will use drugs and

alcohol to get a stronghold in your life. He loves it when you drink and get high. Satan wants you to be off guard and

hallucinating. There are specific demonic spirits I believe associated with liquor and marijuana and cocaine and heroin etc.,

and every time you use these substances, you could unknowingly be opening the doorway for these demonic spirits to come into your life.

Satan loves it when you drink alcohol and use drugs because he knows that when your mental ability is lowered and your judgment gone, you will sin and get into things that you would have avoided had you not been intoxicated. How many people have been killed because of drunk drivers? How many men and women have committed crimes against their neighbors and friends because they had to get some money for a quick fix? How many senseless murders have occurred because of a momentary insanity out of a drunken rage?

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