Summary: Looking at Christ’s ultimate victory over Satan achieved at his death

“Satan’s Premature Victory Dance - Heb 1:10-11, 14-18”

Gladstone Baptist Church – Good Friday 14/4/06

When Jesus Died, Satan started his victory dance

I wonder what went through Satan’s mind when Jesus breathed his last on that cross? I think Mel Gibson has got it right that Satan was celebrating in his ugly way.

He had finally killed God’s Son!!! Can you imagine that. His arch enemy was dead and now was under his control! There was no-one stopping Satan from ruling the world forever!!!!

He had been trying to do this for so long! He had waged a coup in heaven millenniums ago, only to be defeated and be thrown down to earth. Since that time he had waged a guerilla campaign on God – trying to hurt him as much as possible by destroying all that he cared about – his creation and his creatures.

When God decided to visit man in human form, Satan put out a bounty on his head. He had his hired hit man – Herod try to kill the baby Jesus. All baby boys under 2 were put to death, but somehow, the prized scalp of God’s son slipped through the net. Foiled, but there would be other opportunities!!!!

When Jesus was about 30 years old, Satan tried again. This time it was more subtle, he tried to tempt Jesus into putting his own agenda before God’s. If only he could tempt Jesus, to use his powers for his own benefit … If only he could get Jesus to doubt God and put him to the test … If only Jesus would succumb to the desire to redeem the world cheaply … then Satan would have him. He would have committed a sin and would be under condemnation, just like any other man. Instead of Satan killing him, God would have to condemn him to death – because that is what the law said. But alas, Jesus didn’t fall for Satan’s tricks.

Then there was the time a little later when Jesus aroused the fury of a synagogue congregation by claiming to be the Messiah. Satan whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. They were furious and drove him up to the very edge of a cliff with the intent of throwing him off. Yes – he was going to die. But then he just walked right through the crowd and went on his way.

But this time was different. Satan I am sure watched nervously as Jesus had been beaten and flogged. As he had been hauled up to the execution site and then nailed to the rough cross. I’m sure Satan was half expecting some mighty angels to appear and deliver Jesus from the cross and kill all those gathered who were baying for his blood – but it didn’t happen.

Jesus got weaker and weaker. At noon, darkness covered the ground. This looked ominous. But then all of a sudden, there was no longer any movement of his chest. At that moment, there was a sudden earthquake and many people who had risen came back to life. That was bad – for Satan, but he could cope with that – after all, God was dead!!!! Who cares about a few puny humans when you’ve got God.

The soldiers soon came past and noticing that he was already dead, plunged a spear in his side to check this was the case. It was – out came what looked like blood and water. His blood had separated. It had stopped flowing. He was dead! Dead as a doornail and Satan begins his victory dance.

God had just made the biggest blunder imaginable – He had allowed himself to become a weak frail human who could be killed. And he was. Satan believed in himself. He knew he could kill this God-man and he had. He had won. And all of mankind was still in bondage to him. What a victory.

But Satan’s victory dance was a bit premature.

Just 3 days later, Jesus rose from the dead. Death could not contain Jesus. It could not contain God.

How foolish of Satan, to think that his death could contain the almighty God. He had lived in hope, suppressing the gnawing fears that it was too good be true.

Death had no right to claim Jesus because he was perfect. Remember death came into the world as a result of sin. Romans says “The Wages of sin is death.” All who sin, deserve death. In fact, all who sin must die. But Jesus didn’t sin. He was sinless. And so he didn’t deserve to die. Yes he offered to die to pay the penalty for his sin, but death had no rights over him.

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