Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Knowing how Satan works and making plans to stand firm against him are important and practical parts of our faith.

...In time past ye walked

according to the course of this world,

according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.

Ephesians 2:2

Detecting Satan at Work:

Wants us to Disobey God (Eph. 2:2; Gen. 3; Matthew 4)

Accuses (Rev. 12:10; Job 2:4)

Hinders (1 Thess. 2:18; Zech. 3:1)

Deceives (1 Thess. 2:10-12; Acts 5:3; 1 Chron. 21:1 (?); Rev. 12:9)

Devours Lives (1 Peter 5:8b; Luke 22:31)

Basic Keys for Standing Up to Satan

1. Prepare for Battle (1 Peter 5:8a)

Our minds and souls must control our bodies



Deal with sin (confess; avoid; make no provision for it)

Prayer for self and others

2. Resist Sin (1 Peter 5:9)

This is often our weakest point

We want to sin

We sin if we don’t do something about it...

3. Serve God (Romans 6:11-12)

This strengthens our spirits like no other way

Strengthens faith and builds experiences with God

4. Use God’s Armor (Ephesians 6—a later sermon)

Watch for it to be posted

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